Youth Pastor Charged With Prostituting Teenage Boys, Drugging Them With Crystal Meth

Youth Pastor Charged With Prostituting Teenage Boys, Drugging Them With Crystal Meth

With so many Christian men being the perverts they are, if you are a single, Christian woman, you stand a better chance, possibly, of meeting a decent Non-Christian guy.

I still cannot believe Christians continue to insist that single Christian women should only marry Christian men, when there aren’t as many Christian males as there are females, and the Christian males are rapists or child molesters, like this guy:

(Link): Youth Pastor Charged With Prostituting Teenage Boys, Drugging Them With Crystal Meth

by S. Smith
Oct 20, 2016

A Florida youth pastor has been arrested and charged with forcing four teenage boys into prostitution by telling them that they could make money modeling and threatening them if they didn’t agree to have sex with male clients he met on the internet.

According to a Miami police report, Ron Cooper, who goes by the nickname “Romeo,” sex trafficked four boys aged 16 to 18, who were forced to have sex for money at three different Miami-Dade County hotels and at an adult bookstore in Miami.

According to the (Link): Miami Herald, the four victims told the police that they met Cooper through a friend and he allegedly offered to pay them for modeling.

When the boys met with the photographer in a hotel room, they were instructed that they needed to engage in sex to get paid. All of the victims said that they had not engaged in sexual activities with other men before meeting Cooper.

Cooper has also been accused of placing the boys photos on websites like Craigslist and and in order to obtain more clients. Cooper arranged for the boys to meet them at motels and the Miami Playground, an “adult mega store.”

According to the police report, Cooper often met the victims at the store. The (Link): Herald reports that the boys were not only threatened and blackmailed but also drugged before they took part in the sex acts. The victims told police that Cooper even threatened to kill them.

All the victims said that Cooper would often drug them with crystal methamphetamines to make them sexually aroused. He also allegedly gave them erectile dysfunction pills, anxiety pills and alcohol.

….Although the victims charged the clients anywhere from $40 to $100, Cooper routinely stuck around and forced the victims to pay him half or more of what they earned after they were finished.

Along with forcing the boys to have sex with other men, Cooper is also accused of raping and assaulting the boys.

“The boys went through with the sex act because they were afraid of the defendant,” the prosecutor said, according to the (Link): local CBS affiliate. “The defendant has in the past physically grabbed them and yelled at them in their faces. He also has threatened to go to their families and basically extort them and blackmail them stating that he was going to show them the photographs he had taken and the advertisements for sex he himself had posted.”

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