News Article via Time: Christian Wheaton College Discriminates Against Adult Single Women for Being Single

News Article via Time: Christian Wheaton College Discriminates Against Adult Single Women for Being Single

Hat tip to Nate Sparks, which is how I first became aware of this article from TIME magazine. (He mentioned it in his blog post here).

It looks as though this college is placing more pressure on single women than they do married people of either gender, especially in regards to sexual topics. News flash for the people at that college: as I’ve detailed on this blog many times (pointing to numerous examples to various news stories – see this link for examples), being married does not make a person magically immune from sexual sin.

If anything, most of the news items I see of Christians engaging in sexual sin are MARRIED people, not singles. I have many news links about married Christians who are caught or arrested for viewing child porn, using prostitutes, or having sex with animals (see this link for those examples).

(Link):  Exclusive: Wheaton College Faculty Say School ‘Discriminatory’ in Treatment of Tenured Black Professor

Excerpts (please note the portion I put in bold face type):

By E. Dias, Feb 2016

… The memo argues that a culture of discrimination at the school led to the “denial of equal treatment, protection, and support” for Hawkins in the proceedings against her. It raises a range of concerns over the process.

These criticisms include the different approaches administrators took after two other white faculty public support for the Muslim community, the way Hawkins was questioned about her scholarly citations of black theology, and the way her status as a single woman made her “more vulnerable to administrative inquiries about her personal views on sexuality.”

The document also argues that the school has failed to defend Hawkins, even as her skin color has become a source of public outrage, with online criticism that has included pointed attacks on her race and gender. The document claims that administrators have used “cultural translators” to communicate concerns to minority or female faculty members instead of approaching them directly.

—-(end excerpt)—-

I’ll end by issuing a reminder: most sexual sin stories I see pop up in the news or in discussions on Christian forums are sins committed by MARRIED people – not by singles. Colleges such as Wheaton are in error to assume that sexual immorality is something that singles do more often than married persons – that is absolutely false, false, false.

A huge number of married Christian men (and an increasing number of married Christian women) are viewing pornography regularly, for one thing.

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