Report: Sleazy Christian Celebrity Evangelist Clayton Jennings Uses Youth Ministry to Groom Young Women Into Casual Sex Then Offers Them Morning After Pill

Report: Sleazy Christian Celebrity Evangelist Uses Youth Ministry to Groom Young Women Into Casual Sex Then Offers Them Morning After Pill

This report comes by way of J. D. Hall, who I am not a fan of (I’ve blogged about him before). My Twitter acquaintance, DefendTheSheep, first tweeted the link to this page, which was written by Hall; she felt it was worth a look.

Even though I do not much care for Hall and consider him somewhat of a bully, I do think it’s good he’s shedding light on this instance of sexual abuse.

(Link): Celebrity Preacher Clayton Jennings: Sex, Alcohol, and the Morning After Pill


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From March 2019:

(Link): “Breaking: In Wake of Clayton Jennings Meltdown, New Recent Victims Come Forward.”

According to Hall’s report, this evangelist guy, Jennings, uses his ministry to groom young women into one-night stands.

According to Hall, Jennings targeted one young woman who he saw on Facebook – he contacted her first and began flirting with her (my understanding is that she was following his Facebook ministry page). He started messaging her, asking her to send him nude photos of herself.

She attempted to rebuff him, but Jennings was quite persistent. He told her he felt as though God wanted him to marry her, etc, and so on – lots of sweet talk.

It appears to me, based on Hall’s writing, as though this Jennings guy is using his ministry to exploit naive, young women who have terrible boundaries.

His pastor father stepped in to defend him, too. The whole family sounds like a family of dirt bags.

This is yet another example of why I encourage single, Christian women to drop the “equally yoked” teaching.

I am not arguing that all Non-Christian men are men of virtue – some Non-Christian men can be abusive or be selfish – but too often, Christian single women feel as though they are limited to dating or marrying only Christian men, all due to one or two stupid Bible verses (yes, I called them stupid), that say “do not marry an unbeliever,” “do not be unequally yoked,” or “what does light have to do with darkness.”

I have no idea what the Bible is going on about in such verses, or why Christians insist on interpreting them the way they do, when the number of self-professing Christians who act like ‘darkness’ is the same as among the Non-Christians.

Considering that so many self-professing Christian men are sleaze buckets, sexists, and abusers, who only seek to control or exploit Christian single women, I don’t think it’s wise or practical for single women to seek out only Christians to be mates.

There might be a perfectly nice, loving Hindu, Jew, or agnostic guy out there for you… where-as, with some of these Christian men, you, as a Christian woman, tend to give them the benefit of the doubt – you may assume, “I can trust this guy, because he says he believes in Jesus,” or, “surely this man is trustworthy because he’s a preacher, or has his own ministry,” but these Christian men can and will abuse you.

You have to look at how a man treats you, not whether he professes Christ, or if he reads a Bible, goes to church, is an evangelist, and so on.

A guy being a Christian is NOT a guarantee he will love you the way you wish to be loved.  A guy being a Christian is NOT a guarantee he will not abuse you.

(Link): Celebrity Preacher Clayton Jennings: Sex, Alcohol, and the Morning After Pill


[Who is Clayton Jennings? Jennings is a star evangelist who regularly (Link): speaks to thousands and thousands of people, an (Link): author, a (Link): spoken word poet, and all-around evangelical star who has appeared on TBN and other venues]

Jennings reached out to me and we spoke several times on the phone. He assured me that he was “above the board” and had very strict guidelines for his interactions with the opposite sex…

And yet, I have an obligation to the victim of Clayton Jennings, who reached out to me because no one else would help her…

First, a caveat: Everything I am about to tell you is verified by digital communications between Jennings and his victim or by legally made and legally obtained audio recordings of Jennings. We reached out to Jennings and also asked to speak to his leadership in the spirit of Matthew 18, and spoke to his pastor (and dad), who verified the veracity and historicity of these accusations, but who argued that Jennings was repentant and so this shouldn’t be made public….

…Just a few weeks before our post on Clayton Jennings, (Link):  Leading Captive Weak Women, Jennings had surveyed the online photographs and social media profile of a young woman who happened to be one of his followers. She did not reach out to him. She did not entice him.

She did not contact him. Rather, he contacted her.

Within days he had sent more than just a handful of texts. Within weeks, he was talking marriage, and telling her that God was leading him to believe that she was “the one.” He began to call her “wifey” and “Mrs. Jennings.”

Clayton said his whole family knew about her and she would soon meet them (audio reveals the family had no idea she existed), and he would be announcing their engagements to his ministry as the one God had chosen for him to wed.

…Within weeks, Jennings had asked her to send a photo a day, and then began asking for nude photos. When she didn’t respond to the requests because she was uncomfortable, he persisted and sent clock emojis to demonstrate that he was waiting.

…He invited her to stay at his place, but it had to be kept quiet because it might hurt his witness. Jennings continued to promise that she was “the one.”

He gave the young woman alcohol, and although first resisting, she reportedly gave in and her inhibitions were lowered. Sexual fornication at his repeated insistence was committed that evening.

The next day, the young woman expressed misgivings and doubts about what had transpired. Jennings reportedly assured her that it was good because then they could trust each other more.

Then, Jennings told her that if she was pregnant, his ministry would be hurt, and once in a cab, wanted to make sure she had taken the “Morning After Pill” he offered to pay for.

(Read the Rest Here)

Update: (Link): Clayton Jennings: His Admission, New Victims and FAQ

To summarize some of the ending, the young woman kept trying to contact this Jennings guy, but he totally cut her off – he was only interested in knowing if she was pregnant.

Once Jennings ascertained she was not pregnant, he cut off all contact. Jennings was using her for a one night stand. Once he was done with her sexually, and was sure she was not pregnant, he completely cut her off.

According to Hall, Jennings did tell the woman he would consider seeing her if she wanted a “friends with benefits relationship” (in other words, he was willing to use her for sex but did not want to date or marry her).

Hall says that Jennings has preyed on other women – other women have contacted him to share their stories.

In my opinion, based on Hall’s report, Jennings did not have full consent with this young woman; any so-called consent given by this young lady was under false pretenses and under influence of alcohol, so he raped a woman. I hope his balls rot and fall off.

I am so done and over with the “equally yoked” teaching. I wish I had never believed in it when I was younger – I could’ve been married YEARS AGO to several of the decent non-Christian or back-slidden Roman Catholic men who flirted with me.

I don’t think Christianity is safe for women, either. So many of these bozo Christian men claim to respect women, even under their obnoxious “gender complementarian” teachings, but they TREAT girls and women like disposable sex toys. That is NOT respect.

And again, new update, from March 2019, on the Pulpit and Pen blog:

(Link): “Breaking: In Wake of Clayton Jennings Meltdown, New Recent Victims Come Forward.”

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