Ecosexuals Have Sex With Planet Earth

Ecosexuals Have Sex With Planet Earth

And society mocks adult celibates for being celibate. Being celibate is downright normal, especially compared to this lunacy…

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Nov 3, 2016

Some people recycle to stay green, others give up eating meat to save the environment.

And then there are those who have sex with trees and dirt to chip in.

Part environmental activism and part artform, “ecosexuality” and “ecosexuals”are part of a larger liberal movement that is picking up steam, according to Breitbart. Today, more than 100,000 people identify as ecosexuals.

In Australia, an interactive installation called the “Ecosexual Bathhouse” is getting a lot of buzz and shows how this movement is catching on. Part of a mainstream art exhibit called the Syndey LiveWorks Festival, the installation is described as a “no-holds-barred extravaganza meant to dissolve the barriers between species as we descend into oblivion”. The opening scene of the trailer for the bathhouse shows a finger penetrating a flower blossom.

Vice says two Bay Area artists, Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens, have been pioneers of the ecosexuality movement. Writing an “ecosex manifesto” and performing plays like “Dirty Sexecology; 25 Ways to Make Love With the Earth,” their website even offers an “ecosex lexicon.”

(Link):  Ecosexuality promises to save the earth through sex

At the Sydney LiveWorks Festival of experimental art, visitors can drop by the ‘ecosexual bathhouse’ – an interactive art installation – to witness a “no-holds-barred extravaganza meant to dissolve the barriers between species as we descend into oblivion”. The creators of the bathhouse claim that their artwork is part of the increasingly popular ecosexual movement.

But what exactly do we mean by the term ‘ecosexuality’? Amanda Morgan, a faculty member at the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences who subscribes to the ecosexual movement, says that the term possesses a wide spectrum of definitions.

“On one end, it encompasses people who try to use sustainable sex products, or who enjoy skinny dipping and naked hiking. On the other are “people who roll around in the dirt having an orgasm covered in potting soil,” she explains, reports  (Link): Vice.


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