Christian University, Liberty University, Hires Guy for Athletic Director Role Who Ignored Gang Rape Reports by Women At His Previous College Employer – according to news reports

Christian University, Liberty University, Hires Guy for Atheletic Director Role Who Ignored Gang Rape Reports by Women At His Previous College Employer – according to news reports

I can’t say as though I am surprised by this story.

A lot of Christians and Christian institutions have sexist, out-dated views about women and sexual assault. They still blame women for being raped, while diminishing the role the male rapist plays in the rape.

Many of these conservative Christian groups, colleges, and persons (who tend to be “gender complementarian” in outlook) claim to care deeply about women and the safety of women, but their actions show they do not truly care about girls and women.

I find it hypocritical that so many conservative Christians place a lop-sided premium on a woman’s virginity (and no value on a man’s virginity), but they do nothing to safe-guard a woman’s virginity being taken from her against her will by a rapist.

Or, if a woman is raped and her virginity is taken (assuming she was a virgin at the time of the rape), these Christian groups, persons, and universities do nothing to hold the rapist accountable – or they seem very reluctant to do so.

Even under Old Testament laws, a male rapist had to marry his female victim or face other consequences (which was a way for a female rape victim in those days to avoid facing ostracism and other negative ramifications – not that I advocate for rape victims to have to marry their attackers). How strange that certain types Christians these days take rape less seriously than Old Testament cultures in some ways.

I am not comfortable with trans-women being allowed into women’s restrooms as I discuss (Link): in this post, and I see many conservative Christians are also wary of allowing men into women’s restrooms, and this fear is in large part due to the idea that men with bad motives will use Trans rules and laws to rape or otherwise sexually harass girls and women in areas once considered female-only (such as women’s bathrooms or locker rooms).

However, I wonder why those same Christians are so willing to have such lackadaisical attitudes towards women being raped by Christian men in or on Christian university sports programs or Christian campuses?

There are two different links below related to this story. First link:

(Link 1): Liberty University’s hiring of ex-Baylor AD sends a chilling message about sexual assault by Adam Kilgore


Liberty and its president, Jerry Falwell Jr., hired a man in the midst of ongoing litigation relating to the high-profile disgrace that forced him from his old job.

McCaw ran the athletic program in which law firm Pepper Hamilton, tabbed by the school to perform an independent investigation, found “a failure to identify and respond to a pattern of sexual violence by a football player, to take action in response to reports of a sexual assault by multiple football players, and to take action in response to a report of dating violence.”

Evidently, that did not disqualify McCaw from landing the same position at Liberty.

Fifty-three percent of the roughly 15,000 students who attend Liberty University are women. How were they supposed to feel when they woke up Tuesday morning? How should their parents feel?

…“If I had a daughter at Liberty University, I would certainly be concerned,” said Alexander Zalkin, Hernandez’s lawyer. “It almost speaks to this general culture of apathy at universities to this issue. The reason we’re in this mess to begin with is, universities did not take this issue of sexual assault seriously. You have this athletic director who is either incompetent to the way he supervised his program, or worse, I would argue, turned a blind eye. It baffles me that another university would trust him to run their athletic department at this point.”

The hiring of McCaw sent a chilling message to athletic department employees and female students, not only at Baylor, but across the country. American colleges have a sexual assault problem. The U.S. Department of Education has more than 200 open cases into potential mishandling of sexual assault on campuses. The immediate recycling of McCaw underscores the attitudes that enable it to persist.

(Link 2): Can a Christian school be both ethical and athletic? Liberty raises the question again.


November 29

… McCaw was the athletic director at Baylor when the law firm Pepper Hamilton issued (Link): its damning report on the program he ran: that Baylor failed to respond to rapes reported by at least six female students from 2009 to 2016. Since 2011, a recent (Link): report said, 19 Baylor football players were accused of violence against women, including four instances of gang rape.

McCaw and football coach Art Briles, who along with Baylor president Kenneth Starr also left Baylor as a result of the scandal, knew about at least one allegation of gang rape yet did not report it to police, (Link): the university found.

But to read Liberty’s statement Monday, you wouldn’t know that McCaw resigned his former job in disgrace. “Those in Waco who knew McCaw’s Baylor track record were quick to endorse [Liberty’s] choice, even though they wished he had opted to stay at Baylor,” Liberty’s press office said in (Link): a glowing write-up.

Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty and a major national evangelical figure, said in the same statement: “Ian’s success really speaks for itself. You look at what Baylor was able to do during his tenure, it fits perfectly with where we see our sports programs going. This is an exciting time for us.”

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