The Ideal Boyfriend Revealed: Women Love ‘Quietly Confident’ Men Who WAIT for Sex (and Detest Alpha Males)

The Ideal Boyfriend Revealed: Women Love ‘Quietly Confident’ Men Who WAIT for Sex (and Detest Alpha Males)

(Link): The ideal boyfriend revealed: Women love ‘quietly confident’ men who WAIT for sex (and detest alpha males)

by Karen Ruiz

  • Hundreds of women took to Reddit to reveal ‘rare’ qualities they look for in men
  • Many revealed they prefer men who are not afraid to show femininity 
  • Some men admitted they wish they could embrace their feminine side publicly  
  • Other responses include ‘quiet confidence’ and intelligence  
  • Women have revealed the qualities they look for in a potential partner – and it seems that the quintessential alpha male is out of fashion.

    The revelations were made in a (Link): Reddit thread asking women to name the ‘hard to find’ quality they’re attracted to, and a large proportion of the 800 replies revealed that a man who is in touch with his feminine side is top of the list.

    Others chimed in to mention traits such as ‘quiet confidence’ and intelligence, while being willing to wait before having sex for the first time is also a desirable trait.

One user Scarletwitch1986 revealed she is turned off by the idea of dominant men.

‘I see too many men trying to be alpha males. This is the quickest way to tune me out,’ she said.

…Other responses ranged from those who wished men weren’t as disgusted by women’s periods, while one woman admitted she found it hard to find a man who would ‘wait a long while’ before having sex.

The discussion prompted men to admit that they would love to reveal their softer side, but have been afraid to do it publicly.

‘Seriously, I find it incredibly difficult to find women that allow and support me to embrace my feminine side,’ the happynomad said.

Another man revealed that he loved ‘girly’ activities after growing up with four girls and that it always surprises his girlfriend.

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