700 Club’s Christian Host Pat Robertson Says that Singleness Is Terrible, Marriage Superior, and Singles Will End Up Miserable – Segment Also Supported Other Myths of Singleness Vs Marriage

700 Club’s Christian Host Pat Robertson Says that Singleness Is Terrible, Marriage Superior, and Singles Will End Up Miserable – Segment Also Supported Other Myths of Singleness Vs Marriage

In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul wrote that it is better to stay single than it is to marry. Jesus Christ himself never married.

The Bible does not extol marriage or pro-creation above singleness and being childless or child-free.

In spite of all that, today’s (December 20, 2016) episode of the Christian show The 700 Club, host Pat Robertson spoke poorly of singleness and said marriage is preferable or better than singleness.

On today’s episode of the Christian show The 700 Club, there was a segment about how millennials are reluctant to get married.

The show interviewed a few millennials, who are conservative Christians, about marriage.

One of these young ladies interviewed said, “It’s [marriage] is the most important thing.”

I would assume that young woman probably wants to marry some day. So did I when I was her age, but it never happened.

I am now in my 40s and have never married because the right guy never came into my life. I am single against my will, not because I choose to be.

Just because you want to be married does not mean you will marry. This is one fact these early-marriage advocates and other marriage-promoters never consider.

By the way, no-where does the Bible say that “marriage is the most important thing [in life].” I have no idea where that woman is getting that notion from, unless it’s being shoved down her throat by her conservative Christian church.

After the interview clips were shown, host Pat Robertson opined about how great marriage is, and in the process, he ran down singleness and singles.

Robertson went on about how being single as an adult is SO AWFUL, you will end up alone, and dying all lonely.

I cannot recall all of Roberton’s putrid, revolting anti-singles comments because I was in such shock at the horrible, un-biblical things he was saying about singleness that half of what he said did not register in my mind.

Normally, Robertson’s lady co-host, Terri Mewson (not sure of spelling of her last name), speaks as the voice of reason and counter-acts Robertson’s insanity, but in this instance, I was disappointed to see her agree with Robertson! I could not believe she agreed with him. She should’ve spoken up to correct his terribly un-balanced view about adult singleness.

On other days of the week, Robertson has a never-married lady co-host named Wendy. Robertson knows darn well that Wendy has never married but would like to be eventually. (I believe Wendy is in her 40s.)

Does this lunk head not realize how insulting and hurtful it probably would’ve been to his co-host Wendy to suggest that her life is terrible and miserable, all because she is currently single?

And what of all the singles in his viewing audience who’d like to be married, such as me – do you really think I enjoy hearing him describe my life as a second-rate, miserable, Hell-hole?

In the past, other singles have written to this show to tell Robertson they want to marry, but God has not sent them a spouse. Robertson’s usual fall back is to tell them that “God sets the lonely in families,” which is not true. God does not put lonely singles into families.

At any rate, I don’t remember verbatim every thing Robertson said about singleness, but you can, however, watch that segment in the online presentation of the episode either on (Link): You Tube 700 Club show or (Link): CBN 700 Club show. You can hear for yourself exactly what Robertson said.

This segment was promoting early marriage. The show interviewed a 22 year old man who got married at 21 or 22.

I am not necessarily totally opposed to early marriage, though I think it is wiser for folks to wait. However, ultimately, it’s none of anyone’s business when you marry. I have a blog post on here with the title “The perfect age to marry is when you meet the right person,” a concept with which I agree.

Christians need to STFU about age of marriage. Christians need to stop “shoulding” other adults about how they live life, in regards on when or if to marry or have kids. It’s none of your business if someone cannot marry or does not want to until they are are 45, 55, or 65.

My overall objection to this segment, though, remains Pat Roberson denigrating singleness all to promote marriage. The Bible Robertson claims to believe in no-where puts down singleness to promote marriage but says either state is FINE. God is fine with a woman marrying, but God,the Bible says, is also fine with a woman staying single.

No-where does the Bible tell Christians, “You should marry because if you stay single, you will die alone and miserable.”

Further, most married people die alone – not just single adults.

When my mother died – and she was married to my dad – she died alone in the wee hours of her hospital room, all alone. Her husband was not there with her when she died. I was not there with her. My siblings were not with her. My mother’s siblings were not with her, either.

My mother was NOT surrounded by family and not even by hospital staff when she passed.

Lesson: Being married or having children does NOT mean that your spouse or kids will be at your bedside as you expire. You may very well die ALONE even if you are married with kids.

Stop promoting marriage at the expense of single adults, Pat Robertson and 700 Club. The God of the Bible never, ever defends marriage as being better to singleness but has some pretty great things to say about singleness.

Pat Roberson needs to read this:

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