Tim Challies, Who Is Fine With Single Adults Fornicating, Is Not Okay With Fake Sex on TV, As Portrayed by Married Actors

Tim Challies, Who Is Fine With Single Adults Fornicating, Is Not Okay With Fake Sex on TV, As Portrayed by Married Actors

The following comes from Tim Challies, who says in one previous, much older post of his, that “even fornicators are virgins now.” (No, I’m not kidding. I (Link): blogged about that obnoxious view a few years ago.)

Yes, that Tim Challies.

The same Tim Challies whose wife later wrote a guest post on his blog shaming married men who commit adultery (link to that).

In the Challies’ world, and their edition of the Bible, sexual sin by single adults is A-O’tay, but not cool when married folks do it.

In this latest blog post, Challies is upset by married actresses who pretend to have sex for movie or TV roles (is he equally concerned with male actors in sex scenes who are married in real life? Why not? Why use a woman as an example?):

(Link):   Sex on the Silver Screen – Outsourcing Depravity

Why is Challies so upset with a married woman who is a mother in real life having fake sex for a TV role, but he is peachy fine dandy keen with un-married women who have sex prior to marriage in REAL LIFE?

His sexual ethics are not consistent. At all.

By the way, Challies specifies in his hypothetical situation that your Christian friend actress is married with children.

Why in the holy hell does it matter if the woman in the example is married or single?

Fornication is fornication.Why do Challies and his wife behave as though sexual sins by single adults are not as serious or bad as sexual sins committed by married people?

Here are excerpts from

(Link):   Sex on the Silver Screen – Outsourcing Depravity – by Tim Challies


I want you to imagine a scenario with me. A good friend of yours has begun to make a splash in Hollywood. She’s been in a few minor productions in the past, but has just finished filming her breakout role. She is one of your closest friends, she is a member of your church, and she is married with a couple of young children.

…[Challies describes your friend as she appears in a role she plays on a TV show, where she is shown having (fake) sex with a man]

Remember, this actress is a close friend and a member of your local church. Like you, she has taken a membership covenant that says something like this: “We will seek, by Divine aid, to live carefully in the world, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts”….

…With that in mind, here’s the question I want to ask you: Did your friend sin when she acted out this scene? Was it a violation of her membership covenant? Was it a violation of biblical principles?

…I believe most Christians would agree that it was sinful of her to film the scene. It was sinful of her to participate in a production that required her to simulate sex with someone who is not her husband. It was sinful of her to bare her body before the cameras for the entertainment of others. It was sinful of her to allow another man to run his hands over her naked body and sinful of her to reciprocate.

…At the end of our scenario, this is what we need to consider: When we watch sex on the silver screen, we are asking unbelievers to behave in ways we would never tolerate among ourselves…

—(end excerpts)—

But Challies, you are fine with single adults having sex prior to marriage ((Link): yes, he really is).

Considering your very lax and un-biblical views about singles and fornication, why would you not argue that all television productions should only hire single adults for sex scenes? That would get around your inhibitions about married persons (who are also parents) filming sex scenes.

One wonders why he stipulated that the actress in his example had children. Would a married woman who was infertile and had no children be more acceptable for his scenario?

At any rate, I cannot take this guy’s pearl clutching or indignation about married people filming phony sex scenes seriously when Challies is peachy keen with real-life adult singles having real-life real sex in real-life. Really.

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