Angry Husband Rapes Wife With Rolling Pin, Angry Because She Is Infertile, She Almost Died From This Attack

Angry Husband Rapes Wife With Rolling Pin, Angry Because She Is Infertile, She Almost Died From This Attack

Law enforcement should rape this guy in his anus with a barbed rolling pin, in pay back for what he did to this woman.

Your wife is there for you to love and cherish.

It is beyond me how any man could think it’s acceptable or ethical to do what this deviant did to his wife.

And it’s not her fault she’s infertile.

This kind of thing seems to happen regularly in India – they have a huge problem there with misogyny, male entitlement, and violence against girls and women.

I see news stories like this and realize all the more it’s better to be single than married to a guy who acts like you are disposable, who abuses you.

(Link):  Woman almost dies after her husband ‘forced a rolling pin inside her as he tortured her for being infertile’ 

Jan 7, 2017

Victim was admitted to hospital on Christmas Day complaining of stomach pain

The husband and wife, both from Nepal, came to the Indian hospital together

Three days earlier, the man allegedly tortured his wife with the 40cm rolling pin

He is on the run on a rape charge having said to have threatened to kill his wife 

A woman almost died after her husband carried out such a brutal attack on his wife that he lodged a 40cm rolling pin inside her intestines, it has been claimed.

 The 38-year-old was admitted to Dr Sushila Tiwari Government Medical College Hospital, in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, in northern India, on Christmas Day complaining of severe abdominal pains and swelling.

 Three days earlier, she said her husband had tortured her for being infertile and threatened to kill her if she told anybody about the ordeal. 

Doctors initially attempted to x-ray the suspected abuse victim, but nothing confirmed her injuries.

Eventually a team of five doctors operated and found the rolling pin inside her intestines.

The husband and wife, both from Nepal, had come to the hospital together.

Dr Kedar Singh Shahi, a general surgeon at the hospital, said: ‘We were very shocked.

‘We did not expect anything like this.

‘We could only see a shadow in the x-ray as wooden materials cannot be identified.

‘The internal damage she suffered was very serious and she could have died.

‘The size of the rolling pin was around 40cm long which is a big size to be inserted into a human body.’

The woman was hesitant to explain what had happened, prompting the hospital authorities to inform the police and the National Commission for Women (NCW).

Amita Lokhani, vice-chairperson of NCW, said: ‘The matter came to me a day after the operation.

‘The woman was in a terrible condition when I first visited her.

‘She was not only in pain but terrified to speak to anyone.

‘I tried asking her what had happened but she did not say a word and kept crying.

‘Her husband was present at the time.

‘I continued visiting her for three days and eventually she opened up on the third day while her husband was away.

‘She told me she was infertile and her husband often tortured her.’

Senior Superintendent Janmejaya Khanduri, of Nainital Police, said the man was on the run charged with rape and grievous bodily harm with a team of officers hunting for him.

The woman is being treated free of cost at the hospital and is likely to be discharged next week and the NCW will continue to counsel her.

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