Pastor Refuses to Step Down After Sex Tapes With Multiple Women Are Made Public

Pastor Refuses to Step Down After Sex Tapes With Multiple Women Are Made Public

Many of today’s American churches are more consumed with making sure the rank and file, average pew sitters are held accountable to church discipline, but pastors (especially of mega churches or famous pastors, like the ones who have their own TV shows) don’t feel that the same rules apply to them.

This article says that this guy was married (later got divorced) and was a preacher at a church.

Let all those facts belie usual conservative Christian propaganda and stereotypes which say things like – Marriage is necessary to make people more godly and mature (singles are supposedly not as godly and mature as marrieds); marriage makes people more sexually pure than singles; and, you have to be godly or close to perfect before God will send you a spouse or allow you to marry.

My parents taught me to buy into the idea that church is the safest and best place for a single adult like me who wants to be married to find a great marital partner.

Supposedly, the thinking goes, the quality of people one finds at a church will be a step above those one would find at a bar or night club. After seeing millions of stories like this one, about a church pastor who was boinking church members and/or those outside his church, I realize this is faulty thinking. I now suspect the quality of people one finds at a local bar may be of HIGHER quality than that of a church.

Also, I see no point in holding out for an “equally yoked” marriage, since so many self professing Christian men are abusive or sexual perverts.

As an added bonus, at least one article quotes a former church member as saying this same debauched pervy pastor was preaching against sexual sin (such as fornication) in the pulpit, all the while he himself was fornicating with numerous women and asking them to make sex tapes with or for him.

(Link):  Pastor Refuses to Resign Despite Multiple Sex Tapes Surfacing

(Link):  Houston Church Wants ‘Pastor’ Out After Admitting to Making Sex Tapes

HOUSTON, Texas — Some members of a congregation in Houston, Texas are calling for their pastor to resign after he admitted to making multiple sex tapes while serving in the ministry when a woman came forward about the matter.

“He’d been preaching multiple times about fornication, about shacking up. And to find out that you’ve been making sex tapes throughout your whole adult life—[as] recently [as] two or three years ago—and you’re a man of God at the highest point in a church,” member Lecobeun Lewis told local television station Fox 26 earlier this month. 

He says that he won’t return to Salem Missionary Baptist Church, led by Hosea Stubblefield, 32, until Stubblefield steps down.

(Link):  Pastor with multiple sex tapes refuses to step down as church leader

(Link):  Texas Pastor, exposed for sex tapes, refuses to resign

A pastor from Houston, Texas who was exposed for making sex tapes is refusing to step down, even when members of his congregation are demanding his resignation.

Hosea Stubblefield, the head pastor of Salem Missionary Baptist Church, was forced to confess his behavior to his congregation after some of his videos were published on a blog by a woman who claimed that she once dated him.

…He [a church deacon] asked Stubblefield to leave the church after learning that he had been making the tapes. Davis said his daughter had also been in a relationship with the minister, who just recently divorced.

Stubblefield, who confessed to the congregation and has also confirmed his sin to the media, refuses to resign. He says that his sins are a matter of the past—that while he had made five to ten tapes over a period of ten years, his last one was two years ago.

He also contends that none of the tapes were made while serving at Salem Missionary Baptist. Stubblefield has been at the location for the past year, but has worked in ministry for 12 years.

“I’m not saying it was right, and I do apologize about it and it was a mistake that was made in my past,” he told reporters last week.

However, some see more than one problem with the scenario.

“If it was two years ago, it shows he was committing adultery, because he was married and he just got divorced [from] his wife,” Davis said.

Some also contend that Stubblefield is not being honest—that he was engaging in fornication even recently.

A woman who only identifies herself as “B. Coll” took to her blog to claim that she had been in a sexual relationship with Stubblefield, but broke it off when she allegedly discovered in September that he had tapes with other women. She posted some clips to her blog, but later took them down.

“Here I am thinking I’m the only woman he’s dealing with in a physical capacity and how dumb of me to believe that! Not only is he putting the lives of these women at risk, because there are tons more, but he uses his position of power as a pastor to do these things,” Coll wrote. “He gets up on Sundays and preaches against every sin he’s committing in these videos.”

(Link): Pastor Refuses to Step Down After Sex Tapes With Multiple Women Are Made Public

Dec 29, 2016 by L Blair

Hosea Stubblefield, a 32-year-old recently divorced Baptist pastor from Houston, Texas, with a fetish for making sex tapes is refusing demands from members of his congregation to step down after he was outed for making sex tapes with multiple women, some allegedly from his church and during his failed marriage.

Stubblefield who leads the Salem Missionary Baptist Church and is named after the Old Testament prophet Hosea who God commanded to marry a prostitute named Gomer, was forced to confess his behavior to his congregation after clips from some of the tapes he made were (Link): posted on a blog by a woman identified as B. Coll who claims they had a relationship that she ended after he asked her to make a sex tape with him for the last time in September.

“After his last request for a sex tape on September 25th, 2016, I chose to end everything with him and again he threw a tantrum and went on a delete and block spree,” wrote B. Coll.

“He again became dismissive because I refused to make a sex tape with him. I wanted to question him on why he would even want to make a sex tape and he’s in the position that he’s in, but that would be like the pot calling the kettle black, right? I later learned he was making sex tapes the ENTIRE time we had reconnected,” the woman explained.

The woman has since removed a number of the clips that were posted online.

Reporters with (Link): Fox 26 said: “We’ve actually seen the video and verified it is Stubblefield with members of the congregation, but the video is too explicit to show.”

In an interview with Fox 26, Stubblefield, who became pastor of Salem Missionary Baptist Church last summer, admitted that he made between five and 10 sex tapes over a 10-year period and made his last one just two years ago.

The woman who outed him online, however, disputes his claim. She gave the impression that she saw many more than just 10 videos during her time with him and saw one dated as recently as November 2015, about five months, she said, after his divorce with his wife was finalized.

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