Woman Says She’s Been in Three Year Marriage that Has Not Been Consummated, Wants Advice

Woman Says She’s Been in Three Year Marriage that Has Not Been Consummated, Wants Advice

A letter or e-mail was sent from a lady to a Christian show called “700 Club” saying she married her husband three years ago, but the marriage has never been consummated.

I am not certain, but I believe this particular “Bring It On” segment in which this issue was addressed was aired on January 10, 2017.

I don’t think 700 Club has uploaded that episode yet. If or when they do, you can view it by going to their “Bring It On” You Tube channel (Link): here.

Edit: Okay, the video I am discussing can be viewed (Link): here (Sexless Marriage letter). It is the second or third letter on the video.

They may later upload it to the (Link): 700 Club Bring It On Video Page.

Edit. (Link): Same Video with Sexless Marriage Letter on 700 Club Site

The show host, Pat Robertson, basically told her to divorce the guy.

The issue of a sexless marriage is one that is never addressed by Christians. It was certainly never mentioned as a possibility in all the sexual purity lectures, books, tracts, or books I read by Christians when I was a teen and in my 20s.

What used to happen in conservative Christian sermons, classes, and books or articles about sexual purity is that the Christian writer or speaker would promise the listener that if she remained a virgin, God would not only definitely send her a great guy to be her husband, but any sex she had with that husband would be regular and really great.

The sad reality is that some couples end up not having any sex at all.

The woman’s letter is the third or fourth one in this video from The 700 Club:

(Link): Sexless Marriage Letter

Video embedded from You Tube:

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