The Non-Stop Trump- Bashing by Liberal Sites Makes Formerly Semi- Useful Liberal Sites Totally Useless To Me Now

The Non-Stop Trump- Bashing by Liberal Sites Makes Formerly Semi- Useful Liberal Sites Totally Useless To Me Now

I am a right winger who never- the- less started following a lot of left wing news social media accounts, left wing opinion accounts, and left wing individual Twitter accounts over the last couple of years.

I used to find these left wing sites good sources of information for topics such as dating, singleness, marriage, divorce, spiritual abuse by churches, and so forth.

However, as the 2016 American Presidential campaign kicked into high gear in the fall of 2016, and now that Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States, all the left wing sites I used to follow for stories about dating, divorce, wedding trends, feminism, sexism, the intersection of religion and politics, etc. and so on, have all turned into “Anti Trump All Day Every Day” channels. It is so annoying.

These left wing sites have become useless to me now.

If all these liberal sites are going to do for the next 4 (to 8) years is complain and whine about Trump non-stop and just nit pick at the guy

(seriously, check (Link): this incredibly Petty anti-Trump Tweet by left wing site Jezebel, in which they snark that he wore scotch tape on his tie on his inauguration day – who gives a crap if he did so, Jezebel?

And left wing site Raw Story (Link): cackles in glee that Obama supposedly had more of an inauguration audience than Trump –

More stupidity from Raw Story: (Link): mocking POTUS dance with his wife during inauguration ball, (Link): mocking the first lady’s jewelry line being mentioned on White House site),

-if these liberal sites are going to resort to this nonsense non-stop for the next 4 years, they are totally useless to me.

I don’t tune into these types of sites and Twitter accounts to see nothing but non-stop Trump bashing.

If these left wing sites don’t get with the program and start covering other topics besides “How Much Trump Has Cooties,” I will probably be un-following them.

The constant Trump bashing that renders these sites useless for my purposes is so incredibly annoying. 


(Link):  The Left Can Be Just as Bad as the Right – The SCCL Pence Post

One thought on “The Non-Stop Trump- Bashing by Liberal Sites Makes Formerly Semi- Useful Liberal Sites Totally Useless To Me Now”

  1. With about every word I read on this blog from your mind, life experiences, and reactions to the place and time we are born into experiencing, our similarities resonate. I discovered this blog in a search for meaningful sexual relationships with significant others outside of the failed church controls over family that stem from its pagan roots in the occult, where Constantine’s mother was the prime force behind her son’s witchcraft “Christian” beginnings as a measure to permanently quell the New Believers in Y’suah then overrunning her Queendom, Rome.

    We see her deep influence on Constantine as he turned repeatedly to her to literally go into seance to “uncover” vague things about the ways to “marry” their pagan Christian religion to the New Believers, to fool them. She “found” Mt. Sinai in the Southern Egyptian Peninsula, utterly defying the historical Genesis record of it being in Saudi Arabia, as Ron Wyatt and Jim and Penny Caldwell and Bob Cornuke. Ron Wyatt and two sons followed the Moshe’ record in his Bereisheet(Genesis) right to the real historical land and Cornuke read his story in “Discovered: Noah’s Ark.” Cornuke enlisted another crazy, Larry Williams, and they put their heads together and found a way to get themselves arrested in saudi Arabia with metal detectors looking for remnants of the massive gold and precious gems left at the location by the thoroughly frightened Israelites. . . .

    “4 And when the people H5971 heard H8085 these evil H7451 tidings H1697, they mourned H56: and no man H376 did put H7896 on him his ornaments H5716. 5 For the LORD H3068 had said H559 unto Moses H4872, Say H559 unto the children H1121 of Israel H3478, Ye [are] a stiffnecked H7186 H6203 people H5971: I will come up H5927 into the midst H7130 of thee in a H259 moment H7281, and consume H3615 thee: therefore now put off H3381 thy ornaments H5716 from thee, that I may know H3045 what to do H6213 unto thee. 6 And the children H1121 of Israel H3478 stripped H5337 themselves of their ornaments H5716 by the mount H2022 Horeb H2722. ”

    (Except from Mickelson Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon of Hebrew Scripture – numbers are Strong’s LexIcon key references)

    My reason for this bit on the actual exodus account is to illustrate how twisted the pagan christian religion is, regarding its purposed distortions of the original Hebrew Scripture. Including marriage, family, and truth.

    May I? . . .
    I met Ron shortly after my children’s mom dumped our marriage on the rocks and I went home to my mom for the first time in 25 years to reconcile. Ron cave me two copies of his book. Here his widow shares it . . .
    When I read chapter 10, I found the real Ron Wyatt . . .
    Detailing the Ancient records of the travels, this . . .

    My dear mother sent “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” to me in 1973. It set my life in line with my observations of government profiteering in Danang, Vietnam, where I was stationed in my Navy Sea Bee post a year, just in time for Tet of 1968.

    Click to access none%20dare%20call%20it%20conspiracy.pdf

    Once my long years’ reading and cross referencing of Hebrew Scriptures with so-called “New Testament” records was set straight by Gary Allen’s investigations, it very soon was obvious that the banksters controlling the entire world financial system had hidden agenda to also control all world religion. That led me to go back beyond the American Revolution to the roots of “Why America?” That led me to a very revealing document and its historical relevance to America from the first English elite land grabs to this moment. That led me to discover that 10 Downing Street, City State of London, England, possesses in full the English colony territory they named, Washington, District of Columbia. Yeah, it’s theirs – ALL their own to do with as THEY please.

    Two presidents dared go against these thugs; both had their heads blown off. Central banking was the real reason, as botth declared the 10 Downing Street Bank of London was no longer the American banker, and in two weeks after this for each man, their brains were invaded by lead projectiles.

    That searching led my focus along many paths. One that is so relevant today is the one that The Donald and the blind “liberals” are enmeshed in – “Hegelian Dialectics.”

    “…the State ‘has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State… for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.’

    In 1847 the London Communist League (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels) used Hegel’s theory of the dialectic to back up their economic theory of communism.

    Niki and Nordica are a mother-daughter team of researchers who have researched, observed and experienced the sobering realities and spreading dominance of communitarianism and its primary tool for change: the dialectic process. Though we agree with their analysis of the dialectic process, we can’t endorse all their views.
    “We love America and the American people’s spirit,” wrote Niki. “My dad’s motto was always, ‘For God, country, and the 82nd Airborne!’ Ours is: ‘Stop communitarian laws. The country you save may be your own.'”

    “Over the past decade, a group of social democrats have moved down the reinvention path. They have developed a distinctive political project, exploring the new institutions and forums of a collective society. In the United States, Bill Clinton called it the Third Way. In Britain, Tony Blair has made it the work of New Labour.”

    Yes, I know – I’m spending inordinate time sharing here! Yet, “Why not?” Liberty and Truth are shared by investing individual time with those who matter. Do you matter? Of course!

    I’m Claude Armstrong

    There’s lots more . . .

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