Wendy Griffith’s Singles Material on 700 Club Christian Show in Feb. 2017

Wendy Griffith’s Singles Material on 700 Club Christian Show in Feb. 2017

Wendy Griffith is one of the lady co-hosts on Christian program The 700 Club. She seems okay, but as you all know, I don’t think anyone should take (Link): relationship advice from her host, Pat Robertson.

Griffith is in her 40s, has never been married, but would like to be married. (Like me!)

By the way, if you find me too cranky, mean, and foul-mouthed, you’d probably like her and her Twitter page. She seems like a very nice lady, but not nice in an annoying way.

I thought some of you visitors to my blog may be interested in this information.

I was watching 700 Club a few days ago, and there was a spot on there where Griffith was promoting a new book she has for single Christian women. She is also doing segments either on the TV show or on some Facebook group in relation.

I wasn’t watching the TV segment on this too closely, so I’m rather vague on what is going on.

I do know she has some sort of Facebook group under her name or in relation to 700 Club where adult singles can post prayer requests and read up on material for adult singles.

I will search the internet to see if I can find out more about what is going on with this

I can see she is discussing some of this singleness stuff on (Link): her Facebook page (as of Feb 2017).

Here is one post of hers for Singles Month:

(Link): Facebook: Should the Man Pay for the Date?

(Link): Facebook: The Dangers of Recreational Kissing

A tweet from her Twitter timeline about singles lead to this Facebook page:

(Link): 700 Club / Griffith Singles Video and Advice

Scrolling down her Twitter page, I see there are several more Tweets with singles-related material, such as…

(Tweet Link): Day 10 Praying for Singles! Should the man always pay? What message it sends

(Link):  Wendy Griffith of CBN: Christian Singles Discussion


Wendy Griffith, News Anchor & Senior Reporter, The Christian Broadcasting Network

Sam Moorcroft, President of ChristianCafe.com, speaks with CBN’s Wendy Griffith regarding Christian singles and the Church.

(Question): Now, I understand you are presently single. But, you’re not alone (no pun intended!): 45% of all adults in America are single, too. What do you think the impact of this high rate of singleness is having on the church and Christian ministries today?

(Answer): Well, I am looking at this from the “glass half-full” perspective and thinking that my chances of meeting someone are better if there are that many singles out there! I can only talk about my world, but I feel that one way it is affecting the church is that there just aren’t that many men there. The women are there, but where are the men? My single girlfriends and I are all there.

I’ve never been married and I’m in my 40’s. There are a lot of families present, but it seems like the men come only after they’re married. The few guys that are there usually aren’t the “manly” men that I know I’m looking for. I think there is a lack of “real” men in the church.

As a Christian, I don’t go to bars to meet men, so the church is the main place I look. I think that the biggest problem for single women is that the men are not in the church.

(Question) …So, most churches have programs for lots of different things – but nothing for singles.

(Answer): Or, they have singles outreaches for the 20-something crowd and early 30’s, but they don’t have anything for those over 40.

But, even if they did, the men just aren’t there!

But, thank God that there are some ways to connect online. The men are out there, as the statistics show. But, finding them, that’s the issue.

(Question): Some men are intimidated by successful women such as yourself.

(Answer): Well, they need to get over it, because we’re here and we’re waiting! “Man-up” and come and find us. There are a lot of gorgeous single women in the church, so get the men in here!

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