Movie Actress Halle Berry is ‘Anti-Fairytales’ after Three Failed Marriages

Movie Actress Halle Berry is ‘Anti-Fairytales’ after Three Failed Marriages

(Link): Halle Berry is ‘anti-fairytales’ after three failed marriages by D. Taylor

Halle Berry is an expert in heart break.

The 50-year-old Oscar-winning actress openly spoke about the effects three divorces have had on her life.

“I have learned to deal with three failed marriages, which has not been easy, especially when there’s children involved,” Berry shared at Saturday’s 2017 City Summit and Gala (Link): via Entertainment Tonight.

Berry is mom to 8-year-old daughter Nahla with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and little 3-year-old Maceo with her third ex-husband Olivier Martinez. Their divorce was finalized in December. She was previously married to baseball star David Justice and R&B singer Eric Benet.

“[As] women, we go into marriage thinking it’s going to last forever and that this is our prince on a shiny horse,” she added. “That’s what fairytales taught me as a kid … and I’m kind of anti-fairytales today.”

Berry explains that beginning relationships with big expectations often lead to grave disappointments. “I’ve often felt guilty and responsible,” she said. “I’ve suffered a lot of pain and anguish.”

In each very public breakup, Berry admits she’s learned a big lesson about herself. “All of those relationships were necessary for me,” she carefully explained. “We all come here with lessons that we have to learn and those relationships provided me with lessons that got me to where I am right now. For that, I’m grateful. But it has been hard. It’s been a difficult part of my life.”

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