Male Author Slams Woman Author’s Editorial Slamming Working Mothers as Being Insulting Against Women AND Men

Male Author Slams Woman Author’s Editorial Slamming Working Mothers as Being Insulting Against Women AND Men

(Link): ‘Not only are you calling women selfish, you’re calling men incapable’: Father slams columnist who said motherhood is ‘under threat’ because women are prioritising their careers

Controversial columnist Miranda Devine made headlines in early February after writing a piece about working mothers.

In her column, titled ‘Don’t let your career make you a bad mother,’ Ms Devine said ‘motherhood is under threat’ and that ‘young women are coerced into prioritising careers and becoming feminist warriors against the so-called pay gap.’

Since, the column has been slammed by a number of women and furious mothers, including radio host Em Rusciano, who have labelled the piece both ‘offensive and ignorant.’

And now, Australian father-of-two and daddy blogger, Brad Kearns, has lashed out at the piece in defence of both himself and his wife.

‘Hey Miranda Devine, as a dad, I’ve never felt pressure to justify my career decisions to complete strangers,’ he  (Link): began.

‘Nobody has ever asked me how having children was going to impact my study or work. To be honest, I barely even entertained the thought that it could hold me back professionally.

‘Do you want to know why? Because I’m a f*****g man and society just assumes it wouldn’t change anything.’

Mr Kearns explained that his wife ‘has studied her a** off for her career, worked her a** off to be successful in it and stressed her a** off at the mere thought of returning to it after having both of our boys.’

Mr Kearns slammed the column and accused Ms Devine of insinuating that ‘a woman who is career driven has feminist motives and is only doing it to bridge a gender wage gap.’

 I wouldn’t dare take her work away from her. So I’m not going to let you.

‘What the f**k kind of generalisation is that?’ He questioned.

‘My wife is the strongest person I know and has more self worth than to return to work only to try proving herself in a field of men. She’s the best goddamn mother our boys could have ever asked for and she’s the best damn woman I could ever call mine.’

The doting dad went on to say his wife is ‘a major contributor to our community with the work she does’ and that she ‘does it because she loves it.’

‘She does it because long after our boys grow up she will still have meaning in her own path,’ he wrote.

‘It’s not selfish for women to return to work in any capacity… it’s just our turn as men to step the f**k up and contribute more into our partnerships. I wouldn’t dare take her work away from her. So I’m not going to let you.

‘Your… column barely acknowledges the fact that the men of today are far more capable with our kids than the men of the past.’

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