Study: Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women

Study: Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women

I think this study may be from 2015, but I didn’t hear about it until recently.

(Link):  Men Actually Fall in Love Way More Often Than Women, Study Shows

(Link): Men fall in love faster than women, but wait longer to say those three special words, survey finds

A survey also found that most people declare their feelings to a new partner around Christmas time

Men appear to be shier than women when it comes to confessing their love to a new partner, but get that fuzzy feeling faster than women, according to new research.

While women typically say ‘I love you’ three months earlier than men, it is actually men who succumb to love sooner– on an average of two months after they begin seeing someone.

When an even split of 2,000 adult men and women who have been in relationships for at least a year were asked how quickly they fell in love with a new partner, most men said three months, while women replied five months.

Asked how soon they admitted to their partner that they were in love, women would declare their feelings at the six month mark – a month after most women said they had noticed they were in love. Meanwhile, the study suggests men are more cautious – expressing their true emotions after nine months.


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