A Comedian Started a ‘DeadDadTinder’ Instagram to Find Out if Men Actually Read her Dating Site Bio

A Comedian Started a ‘DeadDadTinder’ Instagram to find out if Men Actually Read her Dating Site Bio

Before I paste the link in and the excerpts, I wanted to say a few things.

In my years with online dating (I joined two or three sites and was a paying member of at least two for about a year), I did find that most men, most of the time, do NOT read a woman’s profile.

All most men do is look at the photo of the woman on the dating site and decide if they find her attractive enough to want to date. That is incredibly SEXIST, men. Knock that shit off pronto. Women can usually tell if you’ve actually read our profiles or not, and it’s annoying and insulting when we know you’re only contacting us based on our photos.

Regarding the link I am pasting into this post: I read of a similar experiment by another woman a few years ago. She put a bunch of weird stuff in one of her dating profiles, saying things like she’s a serial killer and so on, but men still wanted to date her ANYWAY.

She tried to make herself sound as dangerous, unglued, disturbed, and messed up and UN-dateable as possible, but most men just ignored her commentary to message her, based on her photo.

On the reverse side of things – several years ago, one of my friends nagged me into joining a certain dating site, so I did. (I hate dating sites.)

Anyway, after several months, I deleted a lot of information about myself from the profile.

I then changed the profile around to say I was in the midst of some personal stuff, might be moving to a new city, and I hate dating sites. That was basically all I said. I then didn’t touch that profile for a few years now – but men still sometimes visit it and message me.

About four or five months ago, some guy messaged me through that site (I got a copy at my e-mail account) and commented on my skimpy profile, where I basically just said, “I have no future plans to really use this profile, I hate dating sites, I might be moving out of state” – the guy actually READ that stuff and commented on it. I was sort of weirded out by that.

I at least give him credit for reading a woman’s profile and remarking on it, which is FAR more than most men do.

(Link): A Comedian Started a ‘DeadDadTinder’ Instagram to find out if Men Actually Read her Bio by J. Brown, Feb 2017

Welch set up an (Link): Instagram account to document the Tinder conversations she had following her bio update.

Some are awkward, some show that men really don’t read women’s bios. And some restore a miniscule amount of faith in the oposite sex.

This guy admitted to not reading her bio:

[screen cap of guy telling woman he admits he did not read her profile first]

[the woman said on her social media below a screen cap of that post]


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