TV News Report: Most Johns Are MARRIED Men, and Public Shaming Most Effective Deterrent of Sex Crimes

TV News Report: Most Johns Are MARRIED Men, and Public Shaming Most Effective Deterrent of Sex Crimes

According to this Christian-based news report I saw on TV earlier today, men caught in this sex sting operation by the police are usually MARRIED (and white, middle aged, and college educated).

The report also said that PUBLIC SHAMING over buying sex was the biggest deterrent for men who are considering buying sex – the cops in this area were publishing photos and names of men who are caught soliciting sex (via under-cover cops posing as prostitutes).

This is all very interesting, as we have many conservative Christians who deploy propaganda stating either that married people are more mature and godly than singles, or that (in the reverse) single adults are all a bunch of harlots and immature dolts who need to get married to shape up.

Then we have liberals and squishy conservative Christians who feel everyone everywhere should cease and desist with shaming anyone over any sort of sin or crime – your liberal feminists in particular go ape crazy over “slut shaming.”

This sort of thinking has infiltrated the Christian community, where we now see bonkers editorials and opinions from Christians, on forums, blogs, and Facebook groups, railing against the concept of staying a virgin until marriage, or being celibate.

But here we have a report stating that SHAMING people over their SEXUAL CHOICES (in terms of the johns, the customers) works to REDUCE prostitution rates.

(Link):  Stopping the Sex Trade, One Buyer at a Time by H. Sells


SARASOTA, Fla.  – Across the country more than 1,000 towns and counties are stepping up tactics to deter men who buy sex. They include seizing vehicles, community service, “john” school, license suspension, public shaming and reverse stings.

Research shows that strategies like the reverse stings can reduce prostitution in a city by as much as 75 percent.

….Tactics to Deter Sex Buyers

Like many other communities, Sarasota employs several tactics to deter sex buyers. They’re taking advantage of a new state law that raised the penalty for conviction of soliciting a prostitute from $500 to $5,000. Sgt. Rob Armstrong oversees the sting operations and says the higher amount is helping. “When the five thousand fine came into effect we saw a very large increase in actual trials,” he said.

Those arrested for soliciting a prostitute must also attend a “john school,” says Craig Schaeffer, chief assistant state attorney in Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto counties. The one-day class emphasizes direct consequences like sexually transmitted diseases as well as the suffering of trafficking victims.

“If you see a survivor of prostitution/trafficking come in and explain why they were doing it and how they were forced into it,” said Schaeffer, “it humanizes them so they’re not an object just for sex.”

Sarasota also impounds the cars of the men police arrest on these stings. It publishes press releases with their pictures and even sends a (Link): letter home. The letter is addressed to the vehicle’s owner and states that someone in the car was interacting with a prostitute or with an undercover officer posing as a prostitute.

Why Social Shaming Works

Experts say men fear this social shaming far more than other penalties.

“A lot of times they’re married and the wife sees it,” says Pentecost, “Putting them in the paper, social media, putting them in jail – those are things that people take seriously.”

Sweden first developed the concept of punishing the buyer while rehabilitating the victim – instead of punishing her. Canada and France have adopted the model and the U.S. is well on the way.

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