Dad Admits Killing 3-Year-Old Daughter After She Suffered Sickening Sexual Abuse So Violent She Bled Into a Diaper – Parenthood Does Not Make Adults More Godly or Loving

Dad Admits Killing 3-Year-Old Daughter After She Suffered Sickening Sexual Abuse So Violent She Bled Into a Diaper

Link to the news story of the father who abused his daughter is farther below.

As I was just remarking in my post right before this one:

Many times, conservative Christians and my fellow social conservatives and right wingers like to insist that parenthood (and marriage) is necessary to ‘fix’ culture or to make people more mature, responsible, and godly.

Problem is, parenthood and marriage does not necessarily make anyone more mature, ethical, and so on, than someone who is single, who never marries, or who never has children.

On this blog, I have link after link (in (Link): other posts on the blog) showcasing numerous real-life examples of married people and/or parents who cheat on each other, abuse children, get arrested for child porn, for soliciting prostitutes, for murdering their spouses or kids, and on and on.

There is nothing intrinsic in the state of being married or being a parent that makes a person more likely to be responsible, mature, or loving. If that were so, Jesus Christ would not have said that humanity’s problem is sin (Jesus Christ did not cite being single and childless as the cause of problems in the world).


(Link): Dad Admits Killing 3-Year-Old Daughter After She Suffered Sickening Sexual Abuse So Violent she Bled Into a Diaper

A father has admitted manslaughter over the death of his daughter, 3, after she suffered sexual abuse so violent she bled into a nappy [diaper].

Matthew Lee Williamson also ordered his flatmate to hide a bong before he phoned emergency services after he discovered Kyhesha-Lee Joughin dead in his home four years ago, a court heard.

Williamson has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Australia, on the basis he failed to provide medical treatment for the girl when he found her body in March 2013.

But he has denied physically or sexually abusing the child and blames his housemate, it was reported.

His housemate, Christopher Kent, pleaded guilty to manslaughter last year.

Kent, who was given a two-year suspended jail term, has claimed Williamson did beat the girl.

The court has heard Kyhesha-Lee died at her home on Brisbane’s northside of a perforated bowel after physical and sexual abuse.

The allegations Williamson denied include using a large sex toy on the girl, punching her in the stomach and posing naked with her.

In another shocking claim, “a man kept a photo of himself with his penis draped over her daughter’s shoulder”, (Link): reports….

The court heard he also ignored that she was leaking blood from her genitals and had told him she “didn’t want any fingers up her bum anymore”.

“I didn’t think anything of it at the time,” he told the court.

“I was afraid I’d lose her to welfare … because of the state she was in.”

He used a rope system to lock her in a room for up to 19 hours a day because she spilled milk over the floor, Seven News Queensland reported.

In her final hours, she was left unable to move, talk, eat or drink, according to paediatrician Professor Roy Kimble.

So, my fellow conservatives need to stop promoting Parenthood as a cure for all that ails society, or pushing this idea that being a parent (or being married) is necessary to being mature, loving, or responsible. We can see that’s a fail.

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