Father Raped Gay Daughter ‘To Prove Sex Was Better With Men’ – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Ethical, Loving, Mature, or Responsible

Father Raped Gay Daughter ‘To Prove Sex Was Better With Men’

This news story is beyond warped (link is much farther below in this post). I don’t have words for it.

I also wonder how much of this was motivated by this guy’s anti-Lesbian views and maybe more so than by the fact he’s a deviant and fantasized about incest before?

I am not arguing that a guy raping a woman based on her being a lesbian is any more acceptable, but I am just wondering if that is what is behind this guy’s actual motive.

I have a hard time believing or understanding how a man can rape his own daughter over the reasoning that she claims she may be a lesbian. I suspect he may have just wanted an excuse, any excuse, to sexually assault her.

I think the father in this news report should be tossed into an open jail area where the police or prison guards allow him to be raped for hours on end by any male inmates who are into that sort of thing, then his penis should be shoved into a meat grinder and cut off. I just find stories like this so sick and twisted.

Based upon several articles and reports I’ve read in years past, a very high number of lesbian women report receiving orgasms from their female partners (I think the figure is around 90%?) versus a far lower percentage of women via hetero sex – women are not generally brought to climax via penis- in- the vagina hetero sex.

I think that fact may be a blow to the theory that this pervert in this news story holds that “sex with a man” is necessarily better than lesbian sex. It looks like lesbian women are having “better sex” than women who have sex with men (for anyone curious: I am hetero, not lesbian):

(Link):  Lesbians Are Having More Orgasms Than Straight Women – Feb 2016

Some Christians and my fellow conservatives like to go on and on about how marriage and parenthood are supposedly necessary to make a person more godly, mature, ethical, responsible, and loving – but this is not so.

Stories like this one go to prove that:

(Link):  Father Raped Gay Daughter ‘To Prove Sex Was Better With Men’


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