Some 44 Year Old Dude Lost His Virginity at Age 27 and Wants to Reassure Others It’s Okay to be a Virgin Later in Life. My Thoughts.

Some Dude Lost His Virginity at Age 27 and Wants to Reassure Others It’s Okay to be a Virgin Later in Life. My Thoughts.

I’m in my mid-40s and still a virgin. I was engaged to a guy in my early 30s but broke things off because my ex was a stupid, selfish idiot. I have a normal libido. However, I was committed to staying a virgin until marriage, so the ex and I never consummated the relationship.

The older I get, the more annoyed or bemused I am by these stories I see online, where some woman or man tries to cheer on other people by saying, “And I didn’t lose my virginity until the ripe old age of 27!” (I think this article says the guy who wrote it is now age 44 or 42.)

Well, okay, but also, big fat deal. I’m in my 40s and still a virgin. I have met men and women on other sites who are age 50 and older and still virgins. So excuse me for not being blown away by some guy who is all, “And I didn’t start porking around until my late 20s.”

In the years I’ve been writing at this blog (and in years before that), I’ve seen so many people regret sex (they say as much in magazine articles, on blogs, and people I’ve talked to face to face). So many people feel pressured into having sex, so they end up having sex with an idiot or jerk, they regret it, or the sex they finally end up having (Link): is gross or (Link): terrible.

This is from a British paper, so I assume this guy is famous in the UK (I’ve never heard of him before):

(Link):  Jimmy Carr hopes talking about losing his virginity at 26 will help others

Jimmy Carr has always revelled in talking about some of life’s more taboo subjects and now he’s been talking about sex and, specifically, when he first had it.

The 44-year-old has opened up about losing his virginity ‘late’ saying he was ‘repressed’.

The comedian took a trip down memory lane with Kirsty Young on Desert Island Discs and was happy to open up about losing his virginity at the age of 26.

In fact, Carr said he quite likes talking about the subject.

We’d never have guessed Jimmy.

Young asked him about his university experience saying: ‘What were you busy doing? Because you were not having sex.’

Straight to the point, Kirsty.

Carr replied: ‘No not having sex, drinking heavily, yeah late to sex, very late to sex.

‘I quite like talking about that though because I really remember being a teenager and thinking, ‘I’m not normal, I’m weird.’

Kirsty went on to prompt him on why he had waited.

Carr mused: ‘Maybe religion playing into it and not meeting the right person.

‘I think I was a little bit repressed, I’m a late developer and I’m okay with that.’

He also wanted to reassure any 16-year-old listeners who were going through the same doubt that it was okay.

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2 thoughts on “Some 44 Year Old Dude Lost His Virginity at Age 27 and Wants to Reassure Others It’s Okay to be a Virgin Later in Life. My Thoughts.”

  1. At 72 now – I still don’t know where the years have passed by – when i ran into this blog i was near desperate to regain my sex life by finding a life companion again who sees and knows the clear necessity of natural intercourse for health and long life. My prostate went out of commission due largely, if not fully, to loss of my wife and the frequent intercourse that maintained the fresh flowing chemistry of my little friend. Yes, if you do not use a body part you do and will lose it. Every medical provider tells me to have continuing ejaculartions to try to reverse the damage.

    It’s hard for me to masturbate as the intercourse I’m acquainted with is mutual arousal and gratification focused on the spouse having his or her best ever sense of being cherished and loved. When self is the focus, then the means of having orgasm is missing the most vital element – the loved one.

    In any case, as I am one to at least ask our Creator for His leading and then at some level attempt to alter my heart, expectations and desires toward His pointing the way for me – I need to add here that ALL religious groups are NOT a substitute for Father’s direct leading NOR any other bit of understanding for the Way each individual is to experience this living(Proof is reading Eliyah and Elishyah’s life walks) – so doing so for this craving to regain that sexual living has taken me into some of the lives of seemingly eligible people where their attitude on sexual experience is anything except on lifetime commitment and companionship.

    Part of this is the extreme pressure from feminists to alter even the religious ladies’ concept of what’s sexually their “rights.” This is NOT mutual submission with NOT “to” their spouse. But, in the final analysis, as I am finite and my vision for gaining a life companion is extremely horizontal in focus(As opposed to Father’s vertical view of all people and their entire life), my desires to regain this wonderful sexual health has been a very difficult- for me – mission to alter my own dependence on Father to supply ALL my life needs. This has been invaluable experience to put myself out to the world in intimate ways I never dreamed that I could before, then to not have my efforts rewarded with one who honestly values life companionship more than the sexual pleasures.

    So, I’m left with the continuing Trust that our Father is justly due as His lifetime companionship is always in our best interests not merely for the living this side of the last closing of our eyes, but that everlasting state of living we ALL face beyond the pale.

    In the end, it is the same mutual submission that I share with our Creator, “Y’suah,” as He tells us His actual title is in His own Living Word, and he shares with me, a physical and spiritual union of trust and mutual respect for the purity of heart and mind that he requires.

    Having casual sex with people is not the issue. Having due respect for Creator and His pure respect for others is. This goes far beyond mere sexual experience. Mutual respect for others causes us to see the End of our actions and thoughts. Any less than mutual respect results in the loss of vital parts of life that end in harm. Yet, Father is the Healer, so our turn to Him at any stage is the one best health step there is for us.

    So, in the End for me, regaining the sexual state of my former health for my prostate is best served in the full lead of Father Who sees and supplies ALL I need and desire when I share FULL mutual submission with Him and practice due mutual respect for ALL people.

    For me, this brings peace that is in itself very healing of my emotions and my body. It brings clarity and compassion that rewards me with clear sense of my well being and the purpose of my individual design for being in Father’s Creation. In place of anxiety for the missing sexual experience there is calm and assurance that however much health I have, my living is best as I do the care of and for others that my purpose and design can provide.

    when we honestly assess the full scope of Father’s Selfless acts of care for our best interests, there is for us His Rest, in His Hebrew Tongue, He named this “Shabbat.” It is far more than a pause in living. The term rests on the fact that He first ceased His spoken Creation work to then see it as it was, a delightful example of His love of Life. His not speaking people into our existence, but instead using His hands to take the substance of a tiny speck of cosmic dust to form our body then His literal breathing His living breath of Life into our form tells us so much about Him that all the oceans filled with ink and all the stars as paper to write on cannot fully detail His abundant love and purpose for one of us people beings.

    This should give us at least a spark of mutual respect for Him, and for others.

    Thanks for this blog!

    1. You’re welcome for the blog, but I’m rather weirded out by your comments, as they are quite long and don’t seem totally related to the original posts.

      If you are for real and not trolling, I don’t mean to offend you, but I run into all kinds of people online, some very strange.

      I wouldn’t say I’m a prude, but I found the first paragraph in your response to be over-sharing, dude. You don’t need to go into that much detail about your sex life (or lack there-of).

      If you don’t already have a blog of your own, you may want to make one (they are free to set up). Your comment above was so long, it could be suitable for a blog post.

      You could start your own blog and leave a link to it under a pertinent post on my blog. That way you wouldn’t have to leave a huge response under every few posts I make here.

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