Mother of 5 Comes Out as a Man, Her Only Son Becomes a Girl and Husband Says It’s OK – by L. Blair

Mother of 5 Comes Out as a Man, Her Only Son Becomes a Girl and Husband Says It’s OK
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So. There are a lot of U.S., conservative Christians who run around insisting that marriage (and parenthood) is necessary to make a person more mature and godly.

Many conservative Christians also feel that a person has to be perfect, or achieve some amount of godliness (or maturity or some other great qualities) before God will grant that person a spouse.

If all that were so, please explain to me how it is that the biological woman in this story (who considers herself a man now) was able to marry, and how it is that being a parent makes her a more morally upstanding, mature, or whatever other quality, then someone like me, who has never had a kid?

Conservative Christians also teach that The Nuclear Family will restore America – well, here you have a Nuclear Family, a woman married to a guy with a kid or two, who are now transgender.

How exactly did being a Nuclear Family restore America, in this case, or restore “Family Values” or “Christian values”?

I don’t think the Bible teaches that being married or being a parent will magically transform a person into an ethical, responsible, wonderful human being. Nor does the Bible teach that the Nuclear Family will save culture or fix sin.

Regarding the part of the article where the teen son, who is transitioning to become a girl, says she/he will “miss my Mom doing my hair [once the Mom finishes transitioning into becoming a man].”

Um no.

Dude (chick?), no.

Just because your Mother is passing herself off as a male now does not mean she has to stop doing your hair. There are a lot of famous male hairstylists. Nothing says that only women can style or cut hair, you know.

This transgender thinking reminds me of some conservative Christians who are into gender roles and complementarianism.

Conservatives and complementarians teach that God designed all women to be good at things like cutting and styling hair, and God put a desire into all girls and women to want to cut and style hair. The truth is, not all girls or women are good at cutting or styling hair, nor do all of them WANT to do these things.

See for instance this older post I wrote on the topic:
(Link):  Southern Baptist’s New Sexist “Biblical Woman” Site – Attitudes in Total Face Palm of a Site One Reason Among Many This Unmarried and Childless Woman Is Saying Toodle-Oo to Christianity

One reason of seven I don’t totally support transgenderism in theory is because most transgender persons (male to female, specifically) I’ve seen on TV, or online in articles, always abide by what liberals call “hetero normative” standards and stereotypes.

For example, look at Bruce Jenner (who calls him- her-self Caitlyn? now). To pass himself off as a woman, he grew his hair long and typically wears sexy outfits and red lipstick.

I’m an honest- to- God woman (born a woman) and don’t usually dress that way myself, unless I am maybe going to a fancy party, then I will wear a slinky dress and darker or more intense make-up – but on a daily basis, or just around the house, I wear casual T-shirts, shorts, little make-up and my hair up in a small pony-tail.

 I never wear my hair long. I wear mine short or sometimes medium-length.

But for some reason, a lot of dudes who want to say they are female, such as Bruce Jenner, ALWAYS grow their hair long and wear sexy outfits. As though they are “play acting” at being female, or playing out what, for years, Hollywood and magazine ads have depicted as being female.

 (Link):   Macomb Co. mother and son transition to father and daughter, together 

(Link):  Detroit dad [biological woman] and daughter [biological boy] share their transgender journeys

(Link):  Mother of 5 Comes Out as a Man, Her Only Son Becomes a Girl and Husband Says It’s OK by L. Blair

Four years after her only son, Corey, now 15, came out as a transgender girl, Erica Maison, a married Detroit mother of five, has decided to transition into a man named Eric, and her husband of 10 years says he has no problem with it.

Les said he was still in love with the person he fell in love with as a woman despite the transition.

“I fell in love with a person. … It’s just that,” he said.

“I’m glad that it’s finally happening. I’ve been hearing this since shortly after we got married ‘I hate this (pointing to chest). I wish I could just chop this off,'” said Les, Eric’s husband, in an interview with Australia’s 60 Minutes.

“When I was younger I used to wish for cancer so I would have to get a mastectomy,” Eric said, adding thet she “hated being pregnant.”

“I had no idea why I hated my body so much. I had no idea why I felt so ashamed of my body,” Eric recalled about her feelings about her female body growing up.

…She said once her body hit womanhood she struggled to “play the part” as a woman but it never worked. It just felt like she was “dressing up.”

Eric explained that she realized she was a man and the same time the couple’s son, Corey, realized he was a girl while watching a documentary on a transgender girl named Jazz Jennings four years ago…..

The 15-year-old said he is still a bit conflicted, however, about losing his mom as he watches her transition into a man.

“I’m still gonna call her mom until she wants me to call her dad. I’m gonna miss her like doing my hair and stuff …” he explained.

Eric said she always dreamed of living her life as a man and was inspired by Corey’s decision to begin her transition.

..”I wanted to make my parents proud of who I am, but I thought that they would not like me,” Corey said of his early childhood years.

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