Steve Harvey Offers ‘Sexy Scripture’ to Help Woman With Church Dating

Steve Harvey Offers ‘Sexy Scripture’ to Help Woman With Church Dating

Based on what I’ve read of this guy in the past, he tends to have sexist views of women, or to hand out sexist dating advice.

Though I do have to say I think I may agree him when he says to her that she is unnecessarily limiting her dating pool by only dating dudes in her church.

(Link): Steve Harvey Offers ‘Sexy Scripture’ to Help Woman With Church Dating by C. Thomasas

On Friday, one audience member from his “Steve Harvey” daytime talk show asked for advice about using “sexy scriptures” when dating men from her church.

Steve Harvey is pairing his relationship expertise and Christian faith to help one woman flirt with men at her church using Scripture.

“I’ve been trying to only date good quality guys. So lately I’ve been dating guys from my church,” the woman in Harvey’s audience revealed during the “Ask Steve” segment of the show. “The problem Steve is that they only want to talk about the Bible. Although I love the Lord, this makes our conversation very stale and boring.”

She went on to ask Harvey, “Do you have any sexy scriptures I may use to get a little flirty with the guys?”

The audience erupted in laughter while the comedian-turned-host attempted to compose himself. Harvey, the author of the 2009 relationship book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man that inspired two films, told his audience member that limiting herself to the men in her church may be a bad idea.

“You know, there’s a lot of good men not at your church. I think you’ve shrunk your pool down pretty bad,” he said before honoring her request. “Now, let’s come up with a scripture.”

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