Single Men So Desperate For Girlfriends They Call Up Random Women

Single Men So Desperate For Girlfriends They Call Up Random Women

Yeah. Good luck with that. I don’t see myself dating some guy who randomly dials me up. Do they not have dating sites or apps in India?

I have a few more comments below these excerpts….

(Link):   Indian men unable to find a girlfriend resort to ringing wrong numbers in hope of striking up a relationship as police report 700 complaints of ‘phone romeos’ each day 

  • Around 680 million Indians have mobile phones and many are lonely hearts
  •  Single men often ring random numbers and try to strike up a conversation 
  •  Victim Geetika Chakravarty, 24, said: ‘I do not know what their mindset is’ 
  •  One gang in Uttar Pradesh sell ‘beautiful’ girls’ numbers for 500 rupees (£6)

by Chris Summers

March 23, 2017

Lonely Indian men are so desperate to find girlfriends they are resorting to calling random phone numbers in the hope of striking up a relationship with a potential future wife.

The ‘phone Romeos’ have become a scourge in India and neighbouring Bangladesh.

Julia Qermezi Huang, an anthologist at the London School of Economics, said: ‘It’s a new thing. It’s covert, it’s risky, it’s experimenting with that outside world which they don’t have much access to.’

Police in the city of Lucknow have set up a special call centre to handle complaints from victims.

The (Link): New York Times reported that when 24-year-old Premsagar Tiwari was arrested by police he was found in possession of eight SIM cards and contacted more than 500 women a day.

…The numbers of girls considered ‘beautiful’ were sold for 500 rupees (£6.11) each while the details of an ‘ordinary looking girl’ would fetch just 50 rupees (61p).

The chat-up lines used by the men vary from the prosaic ‘Can I recharge your mobile?’ to the poetic ‘I am talking to you, madam, but my body is shaking’ and the extremely creepy ‘I want to do the illegal things with you’.

Well there you go. Any woman can be won over with lines like “Can I recharge your mobile” and “I want to do the illegal things with you.” *EYE ROLL*

I know it can be difficult to be single when you would like to be spooning on the couch watching TV together with that special someone, but c’mon, have some self respect.

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