Transgender SJW Liberal Person: Biological, Lesbian Women Should Want to Date People Who Have Penises

Transgender SJW Liberal Person: Biological, Lesbian Women Should Want to Date People Who Have Penises

I am posting about this not so much because this is a Transgender person featured, or because he (she) is talking about how “women have penises too,” but to comment upon this attitude that people are wrong to be attracted to whomever they wish.

I do think that some people (usually hetero cis men) are far, far too picky about looks in women. I’ve seen guys who are very physically unattractive yet who feel they are entitled to date a youthful, thin, movie-star- level looking, attractive woman.

They are delusional and unrealistic. If you’re not so “hot looking” yourself, you really need to shoot for people who are in the same category as yourself, looks-wise.

Some people probably do need to re-adjust what they’re looking for in a mate and come down to earth.

But liberals telling people that they cannot or should not have any preferences, or to tell them that their preference is wrong, is ridiculous.

My personal preference in dating or who I tend to be attracted to are men (sad I should have to specify “cis hetero” men here – men who were born men and who identify as men) who are also blue-eyed brunettes.

According to SJWs and liberals though, they’d probably lecture me such a preference is sexist, transophobic, racist, and god knows what other labels they’d slap on me in regards to the sort of person I’m normally attracted to.

By the by. If one cannot define or understand “woman” to mean a person who is born with a vagina and other biologically female inherent traits, then the term and classification “woman” becomes utterly meaningless. (Read (Link): this page for more.)

To say that a person born male (with a penis) can later be called or considered a “woman” makes the female biological sex classification meaningless. These transgender folks make the male-female gender categories unnecessary, or without meaning.

We might as well not refer to anyone as “male” or “female” at all. Which begs the question as to why anyone born with a penis and the potential to get facial stubble would want to transition to become a woman at all. They could always keep the facial hair and penis, skip the eye shadow and skirts, and still tell every one they are a woman.

It makes no sense.

(Link): Transgender ‘feminist’ lays down the law: ‘Some women have penises’

Riley J. Dennis — a “queer, trans, nonbinary lesbian” who also identifies as a “feminist” — asks the following question in video form early this week: “Are genital preferences transphobic?”

Or, as Dennis (born Justin Dennis) also calls the infraction — “cissexist.”

“Some people are making the argument that it’s not cissexist at all to only be attracted to people with one kind of genitals,” Dennis begins. “For example, these people might argue that being attracted to only women with vaginas in no way negatively affects trans people. On the other hand, I would argue that it’s more complicated than that. We all have our implicit biases built into our preferences, and gender isn’t as simple as just the genitals you have.”

And believe it or not, Dennis, 24, takes no prisoners — even getting in the collective face of lesbians who don’t toe the line.

“If you’re a woman who only likes women, go ahead, identify as a lesbian,” Dennis says, “but some women have penises. And if the fact that some lesbians might be attracted to those women offends you, it’s because you don’t think trans women are real women.”

Rewind? Sure. Dennis indeed says, “some women have penises.” Among other things.

“I’m trying to show that preferences for women with vaginas over women with penises might be partially informed by the influence of a cissexist society,” Dennis explains.

This is so messed up on several levels.

If you’re born male, with a penis, and still find yourself sexually attracted to women, there’s no point in transitioning to female. Just stay male and keep dating women (that is, actual women. And no, I don’t regard Transgender Women as being “real” women. If you’re a male who wants to wear lipstick and skirts, knock yourself out, but no, you’re not an actual woman.)

Why would a woman born a woman who considers herself a lesbian (one who is attracted to other, actual women) want to date or have sexual relations with someone with a penis? She might as well date dudes – actual dudes – and skip calling herself a lesbian.

I cannot figure out why these SJWs and liberals feel it’s their place to dictate to other people who to date, or to tell us that our personal preferences are wrong.

Getting back to my earlier example – in dating, I prefer white guys who are blue-eyed brunettes. I have little to no desire to date white men who have red or blonde hair or white guys who have dark eyes. But these liberal guys would probably screech at me that I’m being “red-hair-phobic” or “blonde-phobic.” It is ridiculous.


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