Complementarians and Single Women via New Life Blog

Complementarians and Single Women via New Life Blog

(Link):  Complementarians and Single Women – New Life Blog

This is a topic I have blogged on time and again on my blog the past few years – that complementarianism is not truly applicable to never-married, divorced, or widowed or child-free or childless women, such as in this post:

(Link): The Irrelevancy To Single or Childless or Childfree Christian Women of Biblical Gender Complementarian Roles / Biblical Womanhood Teachings

Christian Gender Complementarianism remains fixated with married mothers. They do not give a whit about women who do not marry, who are not married, who may never marry (by choice or by circumstance), or who are not mothers.

Christian Gender Complementarianism is fixated on trying to find apparent Biblical justification to keep married women oppressed, to convince Christian women that their only or best or most “godly” option in life is to marry and have children, and they try to convince women that being equals to men in all aspects – including in marriage and employment – is evil propaganda of liberal, secular feminists.

Complementarianism is also reactionary – it’s a knee-jerk reaction against societal changes that some Christians find threatening; the Bible actually does not teach or support complementarianism.

In my experience, about any time I have ever visited a complementarian site or blog and looked at their coverage of topics, a search on “marriage” or “motherhood” will yield a billion pages of hits and results, while the words and topics of “single” or “singleness” will turn up maybe one or two articles at most.

And, further, the one or two singleness articles are usually written under the assumption that the unmarried person reading it will be married some day.

Such articles are basically telling women things like, “Learn and practice being submissive now while you are a teen and in your early 20s, so when you get married at age 25, you will already make a great wife!”

Such thinking does not take into consideration that women like me arrive at our mid-40s still single. I’ve never been married. Such “wife- in- training” articles (and aimed at singles) are presumptuous, insulting, and irrelevant to many women.

Here is a link to the blog post at New Life with an excerpt or two below it:

(Link):  Complementarians and Single Women


Here’s the question: “How can a Christian single woman enter into the mystery of Christ and the church if she never experiences marriage?

What is telling is that this question singles out single women; there is no similar question for single men. And, the male authors, who answer the forty-nine other questions, even have a woman give the answer to question 48 as though this is especially a woman’s concern. (The answer, in my opinion, is unhelpful and has nothing to do with Ephesians 5:32.)

The implication of question and answer 48 is that single virgin women, but not single virgin men, may have difficulty experiencing “the mystery of Christ and church.”

Is a single woman a lesser member of Christ’s church? Is she any less of a follower of Jesus than a single man or a married husband or wife? Is she less than a widowed or divorced person?

(( please click here to read the rest at New Life blog ))

Many Christians, but gender complementarians especially, place far too much emphasis and importance upon marriage and motherhood, something the Bible did not do. Please also see the links below under “Related Posts.”

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(Link):  Jesus Christ Removed the Stigma, Shame From Being Single and Childless – by David Instone Brewer


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