Do Millennial Men Want Stay-at-Home Wives?

Do Millennial Men Want Stay-at-Home Wives?

Article via NY times linked to farther below.

Can I just say that wanting something does not make it so, nor does wanting something make it come to pass.

I think it would be cool to be Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt for a day, but it’s never going to happen.

Our society has changed to the point we’re not going back to 1950s nuclear family demographics.

So, these millennial men can want to live in a traditional, Nuclear Family arrangement, where the man works full time and the wife stays at home all day, but it’s not possible. I keep reading articles about how men today or “prime working age” are unemployed and having a hard time getting careers.

If you want to be a married man with a stay at home wife who has children, you need a big, steady income to do that. And it looks to me like most men today are incapable of pulling that off.

While I realize that other nations are far more sexist and oppressive towards women than the United States, sexism still exists in American culture, including in the workplace.

We have not yet had “enough change” in America in making things a level playing field for girls and women (not in careers and other areas of life), and millennial men (and millennial women) who think things are “already” equal for women in the USA, or “equal enough,” are blind and delusional.

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The political scientist Dan Cassino suggests that the increased support for male leadership in home life among 18- to 25-year-olds may reflect an attempt to compensate for men’s loss of dominance in the work world.

Youths surveyed in 2014 grew up in the shadow of the financial crisis, which accelerated the longstanding erosion of men’s earning power.

During the 2016 primaries, when Professor Cassino asked voters questions designed to remind them that many women now earn more than men, men became less likely to support Mrs. Clinton.

Perhaps a segment of youth is reacting to financial setbacks suffered by their fathers. Indeed, a 2015 poll commissioned by MTV found that 27 percent of males aged 14 to 24 felt women’s gains had come at the expense of men.

It’s not just the youngest millennials who seem resistant to continuing the gender revolution.

Overall, Americans aged 18 to 34 are less comfortable than their elders with the idea of women holding roles historically held by men.

And millennial men are significantly more likely than Gen X or baby boomer men to say that society has already made all the changes needed to create equality in the workplace.

Are we facing a stall or even a turnaround in the movement toward gender equality? That’s a possibility, especially if we continue to pin our hopes on an evolutionary process of generational liberalization.

But there is considerable evidence that the decline in support for “nontraditional” domestic arrangements stems from young people witnessing the difficulties experienced by parents in two-earner families.

A recent study of 22 European and English-speaking countries found that American parents report the highest levels of unhappiness compared with non-parents, a difference the researchers found is “entirely explained” by the absence of policies supporting work-family balance.

No wonder some young people think that more traditional family arrangements might make life less stressful.

Tellingly, support for gender equality has continued to rise among all age groups in Europe, where substantial public investments in affordable, high-quality child care and paid leave for fathers and mothers are the norm.

…Furthermore, the financial advantages of dual-earner couples over male-breadwinner families have increased significantly in recent years, and an unequal division of housework has become (Link): progressively more damaging to relationships. The minority of couples who do manage to divide chores and child-rearing equally report (Link): higher levels of marital and sexual satisfaction, and more frequent sex, than do men and women in homes where the wife does most of the housework and child care.

But most young parents will not be able to sustain egalitarian values and practices without better work-family policies.

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