Regarding Tacky or Inappropriate Christian Themed Jokes, Signs, or Art by Christians or By Non-Christians

Regarding Tacky or Inappropriate Christian Themed Jokes, Signs, or Art by Christians or By Non-Christians

About a week ago, Facebook group owner of SCCL (Stuff Christian Culture Likes) did a post with a photo of a sign celebrating Easter season in front of a church with the words “Nailed It.”

You can view that particular Facebook post (Link): here.

Many in the comments section found the church “Nailed It” sign to be tacky, as did the guy who runs the “Friendly Atheist” blog (see here).

In turn, a Christian guy wrote a post about this whole thing here.

I don’t care for this kind of cheap marketing, either. I think it makes light of the crucifixion of Jesus.

However, there may be a tiny bit of hypocrisy going on here.

I don’t know about the Friendly Atheist blog guy in particular, but, in years past, as I’ve ventured across the internet, I have come across blog posts or Pinterest boards by other atheists who take great delight in mocking the Christian faith via artwork.

I was once at an atheist lady’s Pinterest board that was chalk-full of cartoons that were insulting or mocking towards Jesus Christ, Jesus’ death on the cross, and of Christians in general.

In one pin, the atheist woman had pinned a drawing of a cartoon drawing of Jesus on a cross, with some kind of text by the cartoon, or on it, saying something about Jesus being put on the cross with ‘Nail Gun Glue’ – or something.

This was supposed to be the height of hilarity (the atheist who pinned it wrote, “ha ha, so funny!” or something of that nature below the pin), but I just found it terribly sad, offensive, and distasteful.

I’ve not been able to find the exact cartoon I saw a few years ago, but it’s similar to (Link):  this image, uploaded to an agnosticism forum. Here is (Link): another.

In the past, SCCL group members have mocked and ridiculed books or stories by little kids who claim to have seen Jesus Christ, or Heaven, in some kind of NDE- like experiences.

I did a blog post about that here:

(Link): Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook Group Yukking It Up By Mocking Todd Burpo’s Book

The folks at SCCL regularly like to mock and ridicule Christians or aspects of Christian culture they consider cheese-ball or idiotic.

In this post, for example, I discuss how SCCL members ridiculed and criticized some Christian lady all because she did a blog post saying she objects to the phrase “OMG” (“Oh my God”):

(Link): Too Cool for School: The Ex, Quasi, or Liberal Christians (and Atheists) Who Think Their Snarkiness Against Christians Makes Them Clever (But It Doesn’t)

I’m not quite grasping why some atheists in some contexts feel it’s acceptable for atheists to mock and ridicule the death of Jesus Christ, but they find it distasteful when a church unintentionally does so, via a sign intended to draw in more visitors for their Easter services.

Ditto on groups such as SCCL – the guys there consistently mock Christians, or else mock certain doctrines or morality of the Christian faith themselves, but they are not okay with a church, a pastor, or a Christian making a religious-based faux pas, or making a religious sign of highly questionable taste.

It’s okay for them, the liberal or ex Christians, they feel, to pick on Christianity, but not okay for practicing or conservative Christians to (unintentionally) do so.

There just seems to be something rather inconsistent going on here with all this.

I don’t know why atheists would care about the church sign, by the way.

Depending on the sort of atheist you’re taking to, some of them don’t feel that Jesus was a historical figure at all (which is a looney tunes view point), while some of them don’t feel he rose from the dead after his death at the crucifixon.

If you’re an atheist, why even preoccupy yourself with such things as what a church puts on its church sign for Easter? (And that is largely a rhetorical question.)

Something just seems “off” about this whole thing.

Anyway… I’ve seen atheists online post cartoons that mock the death of Jesus Christ, so it’s a little confusing to me that other atheists would object to what appears to be a tacky or insensitive church sign about Jesus.

Since when do they care? Their own atheist friends are elsewhere online posting similar, or much worse, content that disparages Christianity or Jesus.

By the way, I hate this sort of humor, whether it’s atheists directing it at Christians or Christianity or Jesus, or whatever.

Although I am opposed to Islam, I have never in my life intentionally done anything like draw cartoons to mock their prophet, or whatever.

I think stuff like that is just way too obnoxious and rude – with the possible exception of artists who make such imagery to make a specific point about censorship or free speech.

I’m hard pressed to think of another avenue in which posting tacky or inflammatory religious themed artwork would be even somewhat defensible.

My disclaimer, as always, in regards to SCCL:

I sometimes agree with some of their view points on some subjects, but not always. Sometimes they are, IMO, quite correct in their views, but at others, I think they are too negative, cynical, unfair, and are over-reacting, or else, adhering to double standards.

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