Eight Serious Advantages Being Single Has Over Being in a Relationship

Eight Serious Advantages Being Single Has Over Being in a Relationship

(Link): Eight Serious Advantages Being Single Has Over Being in a Relationship


Though being in a relationship can be great, there are many times when being single beats being in a relationship. Relationships have their downfalls, and even though couples are always smiling, blissful, and happy on social media or in public, every relationship has its more complicated dark side. If you’re single, be glad you can reap these benefits.

2. You Won’t Be Unhappy 

Many people stay in an unhappy relationship much longer than they should simply because (Link):  they’re scared to be alone. When you stay in a bad relationship, you are not only opening up yourself to the stress and guilt that comes along with staying with someone who isn’t right for you, but you’re missing out on other people who could make you happy.

4. You can focus on your friendships

How many of your attached friends stay in on a Friday night, skip out on a friend’s birthday, or blow off their pals for a date night? When you’re in a relationship, your world begins to revolve around your partner. There simply isn’t the time to build and develop strong, stable friendships. Being single affords you the time and energy to build lasting platonic relationships.

8. You don’t have to force relationships with other people

When you’re dating someone, you get involved in all sorts of (Link): forced relationships. You have to spend time with their friends (who you may or may not like), you have to deal with their family, and you may even be expected to build relationships with their pets, coworkers, and exes. Not only does being in a relationship with someone you love take time and energy, but the amount of your life that you have to give to people who you may not even like can be overwhelming.


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