Husband Slept With Dead Wife For Six Nights

Husband Slept With Dead Wife For Six Nights

(Link): Heartbroken husband slept next to dead wife for six nights as family gave ‘beautiful and comforting’ farewell

A heartbroken husband has told how he slept next to his dead wife’s body in the same room for six days – because he did not want her to be taken to a mortuary.

Russell Davison, 50, decided he wanted to be in control of what happened to his partner’s corpse after she passed way from cancer on April 21.

Wendy, 50, was kept in their home for almost a week until he finally decided to take her to the crematorium to say his final goodbye.

She died of cervical cancer after the family shunned traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, saying they wanted to do their “own research.”

She passed away in the arms of Mr Davison and one of her two sons, Dylan, at their home in Derby where she had requested she wanted to die.

Mr Davison said after placing her in a “cocoon” he then stayed with his wife because he could’t bear the thought of her being taken away in a plastic body bag.

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