Man Claims He Lost His Virginity to a Space Alien

Man Claims He Lost His Virginity to a Space Alien

I would like to dedicate the song “Name of the Game” to this guy, because it contains the refrain in the lyrics: “Calling all freaks! Calling all freaks!”

(Link):  BEAM ME UP HOTTIE Artist claims he lost his virginity to a busty alien called Crescent and fathered 60 ‘hybrid’ babies

Married Dave Huggins says he’s bedded several extraterrestrials throughout his life

by Margi Murphy

“When I was 17 I lost my virginity to a female extraterrestrial.”

That’s the claim made by artist David Huggins, star of a new film called Love And Saucers.

Huggins claims that a large-breasted alien called Crescent just “got on top of me” when he was just a teen.

“I just lay down on the ground and she got on top of me. I have no idea why me. I just don’t know,” he reveals in the documentary which chronicles his bizarre life.

Throughout the film Huggins shows off several of his raunchy paintings, all inspired by a lifetime of extraterrestrial romps.

One picture, which he dubbed “Virginity Lost”, refers to the night he claims to have first had sex with Crescent.

He said the cosmic coupling was initially painful, but that the pair later fell in love and went on to have a child together.

The married 72-year-old, from Hoboken, New Jersey, says he’s fathered 60 alien kids altogether.

He had his first encounter aged eight, while living in rural Georgia with his family.

They began to grow sick of his stories, and after receiving a whipping for describing a visit, Huggins learnt not to mention them again.

He claims to have met little hairy aliens, grey aliens and insectoid aliens – but is keen to point out that he has not bedded all of them.

After attending several abductees anonymous meetings during the 1960s he stopped turning up, because they were “too depressing”.


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