Florida Man Faked Stage 4 Cancer to Lure In The Ladies

Florida Man Faked Stage 4 Cancer to Lure In The Ladies

(Link): Florida Man Faked Stage 4 Cancer to Lure In The Ladies – May 2017

Several women are accusing a Florida man of faking stage 4 cancer and manipulating them to get food, money, and shelter, just weeks after his wedding to a long-lost love went viral.

Ken Boyer, 60, of Palm Bay, first gained notoriety when (Link): WKMG-TV covered his wedding to a Missouri woman named Michelle Kimbrel in May. Boyer claimed he “reconnected” with Kimbrel on Facebook a few weeks before they tied the knot.

When Boyer’s story went viral, women across Florida started contacting the station, claiming they recognized Boyer as a former fling.

The women shared similar stories: how they met Boyer on SingleParentMeet.com, how he told them he had stage 4 liver cancer and that it was “love at first sight” when he met them.

“He loved every single one of us,” Karen Hagerty told WKMG-TV on Monday. “And he loved us all from the second he laid eyes on you … He’s very good at what he does.”

Hagerty added that Boyer was “a master manipulator and conman.”

Boyer would allegedly use the women to get meals and asked to stay at their place to avoid another person he dubbed the “old landlady,” who was later identified as Barbara Jones.

Jones said she had been with Boyer since late 2015 and planned on spending the rest of her life with him, according to WKMG-TV. She didn’t even know of the other women until she checked his cellphone records.

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