Married Father of Six, Preacher Matthew Tague, Arrested for Forcibly Molesting a Minor – Christians, Dump the Equally Yoked Teaching

Married Father of Six, Preacher Matthew Tague, Arrested for Forcibly Molesting a Minor – Christians, Dump the Equally Yoked Teaching

So. Christians keep arguing that single adult Christians should only marry other Christians (equally yoked rule).

Next, we have falsehoods in Christianity that single, childless adults are not as godly or mature as married parents. Marriage and parenthood are necessary ingredients to make a person godly, mature, or loving, most Christians teach.

But I have a non-stop parade of married parents who are FREAKS and DEVIANTS listed on this site, who’ve been charged with, or found guilty of things ranging from soliciting prostitutes, to raping kids, to having sex with dogs.

Also, God does not require that a person clean herself up, become perfect, get more ethical or mature, or more pretty, or more ‘whatever’ before God will send that person a spouse.

If God is allowing deviants like alleged child rapist Tague get a wife, there is no reason in holy hell God would not be permitting some Average Smoe, who is living an Average Life (one that does not involve raping kids), to have a spouse, too.

Please, Christians, explain to me how a CHILD RAPIST somehow ‘merits’ a spouse more than someone like me, who doesn’t rape kids! I’d love to hear that explanation. (I may have my flaws, some shortcomings, but raping kids is not one of them!!, holy smokes.)

Don’t tell me that marriage or parenthood makes a person more loving and godly, when I am forever seeing these type of sick, disgusting news stories:

(Link):  Married Pastor Arrested for Child Molestation; Church Asks for Prayers for ‘Justice and Restorative Healing’

(Link):  Carlsbad Pastor Suspected of Molesting Child for a Year

(Link): California pastor accused of forcibly molesting a minor

A California pastor was arrested Wednesday after being accused of forcibly molesting a minor.

San Diego Sheriff’s Department Child Abuse Unit detectives arrested Matthew Tague, 43,  for multiple counts of lewd and lascivious acts with one victim under the age of 14. Two of the counts are forcible, according to Gospel Herald.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Karen Stubkjaer did not disclose the child’s age or gender.

…Tague has been married for 20 years and has six children, three by birth and three adopted.

(Link):  Carlsbad Pastor Accused of Child Molestation Pleads Not Guilty – NBC News

Matthew Tague, a pastor at the North Coast Calvary Chapel, was arrested for 16 counts of lewd and lascivious acts with one minor victim

A pastor at a Carlsbad church accused of repeatedly molesting a child over the course of about a year pleaded not guilty in court Friday.

The prosecutor said Matthew Tague, 43, only turned himself in because his wife caught him abusing the young girl.

Tague of San Marcos was arraigned at the North County Regional Center. It was his first court appearance.

“This is very shocking to me,” said Karen Graham, who says the pastor mentored her son. “It’s like losing a close friend to my son, to my family. To have a man of this stature do something like that, it’s just unbelievable.”

Tague, a pastor at the North Coast Calvary Chapel, was arrested Wednesday on 14 counts of lewd and lascivious acts on one minor victim.

…The prosecutor said Tague molested a 12-year-old girl for a year. According to SDSO investigators, Tague’s victim was allegedly molested by force multiple times.

…SDSO Lt. Karen Stubkjaer said she could not disclose details Wednesday on the nature of the relationship between the pastor and his victim.

Stubkjaer confirmed the allegations are not related to Tague’s position at the church.

A neighbor of the suspect, Lon Plourde, said the allegations are shocking and disturbing. He said Tague is a father of two grown children and three much younger adopted children.

The neighbor said that, to him, nothing seemed amiss at the Tague household. Plourde recalled always seeing Tague playing outside with his kids. He said the children all seemed very happy, too.

Neighbor Jim Kealing, who has lived near Tague for about a year, also said the suspect seemed like a devoted father.

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