I Wore a Wig to See If Men on Dating Sites Really Do Prefer Long Hair Over Short Hair by K. Dougher

I Wore a Wig to See If Men on Dating Sites Really Do Prefer Long Hair Over Short Hair by K. Dougher

Oh geeze, this is a Cliche’! As a woman I got this one all the time, even in Christian articles and books on dating and marriage (usually ones that were complementarian in nature, that were big promoters of traditional gender roles) – they all declare that all men prefer long hair on women, so, the authors all say, you should grow your hair long to get a boyfriend, or else, you will die single and alone.

Well, over most of my life, I’ve worn my hair short or medium. Long hair is a pain in the ass to take care of. Takes too long to shampoo, comb, style, blow-dry, so a big no thanks.

This lady’s experience went to show that men she came across on dating sites preferred her with SHORT hair.

She started this experiment assuming that she’d get more interest with her hair long, but that was not the case.

(Link): I Wore a Wig to See If Men on Dating Sites Really Do Prefer Long Hair Over Short Hair by K. Dougher


…when I recently found myself single and on Tinder for the first time, I couldn’t help but wonder (in my best Carrie Bradshaw voice): Do men on dating sites prefer short hair or long hair?

…By the end of my little experiment, I had to conclude that not only was my hypothesis completely incorrect, I was also apparently carrying around an incorrect assumption about the way men view women with short hair.

This forced me to take a moment to unpack my reasons for this.

I myself have had short hair for years and I love how it looks—not only on myself, but on other women as well. I’ve also only ever dated men who liked my short crop. So why did I feel so confident that men, in general, prefer women with long hair?

All I can say is that it’s something that I grew up hearing so often I must have internalized it as fact. I heard it from important men in my life—such as my father, my brother and his friends, my high school crush—and saw that view reflected in the media, specifically in the way that female celebrities’ long hair is prized.

…The sad thing is that I allowed those individuals to shape my view of the world as a whole. I let a few sexist men speak for men everywhere.

The worst part is that I filtered my own appearance through their perspective and saw it as reality, without even realizing it.

Sure, I recognized that remarks like “women shouldn’t have short hair” and “women with short hair are less attractive than women with long hair” are sexist. I laughed them off and continued to wear my hair short.

And yet, I still managed to internalize them to the point that I had no problem casually declaring that of course men on dating sites would greatly prefer me with long hair rather than my usual short hair—and I was surprised when I was proved wrong.

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