A June 2017 Viewer Tells Christian Host She’s Suicidal Over Being In Sexless Marriage for Twenty Years

A June 2017 Viewer Tells Christian Host She’s Suicidal Over Being In Sexless Marriage for Twenty Years

Christians often tell people that if they reserve sex for marriage, the sex will be great and regular. When I was growing up, Christians never acknowledged that sometimes, for whatever the reason, some marriages are sexless.

Then there is this secular and Christian notion that only men want and enjoy sex, while it’s assumed that women don’t want or enjoy sex.

But here we have a letter from a married woman who says she is in a sexless marriage and is so distressed over it that she is suicidal. She says her husband only wants sex at most once or twice per year:

Very shortly after we got married my husband said he could take or leave sex. I was shocked but thought he’d lean more towards the take it rather than leave it side. We’ve been together for 20 years and have sex once or twice a year.

I feel unloved and deceived with thoughts of suicide at times. I recently ran across an article on asexual people who never think about sex and it finally makes sense. Everything I’ve read says they can’t change. Is this true?

Other than this we have a great brother and sister and business-type relationship but emotionally and physically I’m at a breaking point.

-(signed), A Viewer

(end letter)

You can see / read the letter yourself in the video below. The “sexless marriage” letter is the third one.

Letter 1 – Rick wants to know if he can get his soul back.

Letter 2 – A Viewer asks, ‘Why are all the prayers on your show about physical healing.’

Letter 3 – Sexless marriage letter

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