Cops: Woman Arrested for Beating Husband With Cross

Cops: Woman Arrested for Beating Husband With Cross

Like the time the woman stabbed her husband with a ceramic squirrel.

Via The Smoking Gun:

(Link): Woman, 49, Arrested For Clobbering Hubby In The Head With A Glass Cross

A woman swinging a cross repeatedly struck her husband in the head with the religious item, according to cops who arrested the alleged assailant on a felony domestic battery charge.

Cops say Tina Abrams, 49, attacked her spouse early Friday morning after he returned to the couple’s St. Petersburg, Florida residence.

As her husband was washing up in the bathroom, Abrams announced that she was “through with this shit!” and (Link): “grabbed a glass cross from the living room.” Abrams then began to “repeatedly strike” the victim, who suffered abrasions to his right temple and the upper left side of his head.

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