The New Minority: Why as a Gay Christian Man I Stand with Tim Farron by David Bennett

The New Minority: Why as a Gay Christian Man I Stand with Tim Farron by David Bennett

Interesting editorial.  I agree with him when he writes of how anyone who opposes certain beliefs of secularists (and I’d add liberals) is painted as an enemy.

(Link): The New Minority: Why as a Gay Christian Man I Stand with Tim Farron by David Bennett


In a post-Christian, secular society in Britain which now supports gay marriage and gay sexuality, the LGBQ (not speaking for I or T) movement no longer sits as the true minority. The angry persecution of people of faith is fundamentalist secularism exposed for all to see.

….I am all for secularity, but not secularism; the ideology that says you are accepted in our value of diversity as long as you agree with me. True secularity says I might not agree with you but I support you in my value for diversity, a value Tim Farron embodied so graciously.

Instead, affirmative views on gay marriage within and outside the walls of the church have such political power that anyone who disagrees has been made the new minority. The Church is so petrified to represent its view, it hides in cowardice. Tim Farron is one of those who didn’t hide and was honest. Tim, I stand with you.

I happen to represent the thousands of British Christians who are gay and celibate.

We, like Farron, often experience vitriolic backlash, not just from secuarlists but now from our own churches.

We don’t belong in all of the ‘happy’ activist Christian societies that are ramming down the walls of the Church for marriage equality. We simply want Jesus Christ to be Lord of the Church, and his Word to be trusted and his Spirit welcomed.

….Farron embodied a spirit we so desperately need and wonderfully stood for the rights of those he disagreed with theologically. Never did Farron want to force his private opinion on gay marriage on anyone, nor form party policy around it. He even supports the full legalisation of gay marriage in the state.

What this was about was the hateful, pitiful revenge of pseudo-liberal society forcing someone into their victimhood mentality – the next victim to punish for all the pain that has not been healed, and which thwarts love from ever being possible. I no longer allow that pain to control me, but in my Lord Jesus have been given the strength to love those different from me or in plain error.

I stand with the power of love to overcome such profound pain and a culture of victimhood, teaching us again the art of peace-making and reconciliation

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    1. There are celibate homosexuals in the U.S. – they have online groups. There are also hetero celibates in the U.S. as well. Not everyone is having sex.

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