Stuff that Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook Group Likes

Stuff that Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook Group Likes

Stephanie Drury, owner of SCCL Facebook group, doesn’t care about victims.

Drury may thinks she cares about victims, and she may even want you to think she cares about victims, and you may even mistakenly think she cares about victims or other wounded people, but-

From what I’ve witnessed on her Facebook group and Twitter behavior, what Drury really cares about is pushing a liberal agenda. (I will discuss this a little more below the list.)

In the past, owner of SCCL Facebook group, Stephanie Drury, linked to a few of my posts on this blog, with the motive of having her group of Flying Monkeys mock and ridicule my posts or me.

I used to be a regular visitor to Drury’s SCCL group, for a period spanning approximately four years. I always lurked, never posted, because I spotted several red flags with her group.

Over the last 2 or 3 years, I at times tweeted Drury with stories I thought she would find interesting, and sure enough, she would share some of those links on her SCCL Facebook group.

I tried to be on friendly terms with her on Twitter, but I guess that doesn’t matter to her.

Around the first week of June 2017, Drury once again shared a link to one of my blog posts with her SCCL Facebook group. In the past, I said nothing when she did this with other posts of mine.

This time, however, I tweeted her to let her know I saw her post a link to my blog post on her group.

After that, she tweeted me a few times, but so too did some of her fans on Twitter, and none of it was nice.

The people who visit Drury’s facebook group, and many who follow her on Twitter, usually don’t take the time to get to know those whom they mock and ridicule. They will generally make all sorts of assumptions about those whom they ridicule and attack.

A few of them who were insulting me on her Facebook group, or sharing (re-tweeting) Drury fan insults of me on Twitter, actually are acquaintances or friends with me on other sites.

That’s right, I post on other sites under other screen names (something which I have mentioned on other pages of this blog, but do her members bother to read other blog pages here, or even my blog’s About Me page? Nope – it’s so much easier just to hate and mock someone instantly), and…

Some of the SCCL members who were harassing me via Drury get along with me okay on other sites; we just politely agree to disagree on some topics, but here some of them were attacking me on social media, due to Drury and her Twitter and Facebook group. That right there should be one clue something is very “off” with SCCL culture.  

I will resume discussing more of that below this list:


-Wanting Desperately to Appear Edgy, Cool, or Hip

“At SCCL, we like assuming all our critics are sensitive, delicate, uncool, extremely conservative Christian flowers who blush if they hear words like pussy, fuck, or shit. But we’re really a bunch of middle-aged people who are about as cool and cutting-edge as Barack Obama’s Mom Jeans [link]”

See Also:

-Being Obtuse While Sounding Like 1980s Valley Girls (this page, below)

-Mocking Sweet Middle Aged Christian Blogger Ladies Who Are Concerned about “OMG” (link)

-Being Lemmings.

Many of the commentators of SCCL are liberal and walk in group-think on politics and theological matters…

(…at least publicly.

You may or may not be surprised to learn I’ve had some liberals on other discussion boards through the years approach me one- on- one in private, through a private messaging system, to tell me they actually disagree with other liberals on abortion, LGBT causes, immigration, etc, but they’re too scared to say so in front of other liberals, due to Liberal Political Correctness, but they feel safe confessing to me, a conservative).

A typical SCCL commentator holds this attitude:

“I am so glad I left fundamentalist Christianity, where there is no critical thinking!”

“I like it here at SCCL, where everyone else is a liberal who ridicules everything Christian and conservative and centrist, from innocuous evangelical Christian bloggers, to Steve Furtick’s mansion.”

“I left the conservative evangelical or fundamentalist bubble for the progressive, Social Justice Warrior left wing bubble, where it’s fashionable to ridicule Republicans and Christians.”

“I am so proud of my progress and open- mindedness.”

And note that most of the participants at Drury’s group (and Drury herself) are completely blind to these tendencies, or that they are actually as bad as the people, political parties, or views they claim to hate, which I wrote about (link): here.

They are stuck in their own sort of “Liberal Fundamentalist” thinking.

They have dumped one extreme for the other, but the mentality is the same. The desire to demonize people, and assume the worst about them or their motives, for not sharing one’s views remains the same.

-Refusing to See or Admit to Problems In Islam

Typical attitude of average SCCL Facebook group or Drury fan on Twitter:

“I like pointing out micro-aggressions and transgressions by Christians all day.  It’s almost like a hobby.”

“I abhor Christians for sustaining a sexual purity culture, I despise Christian complementarians for teaching wives to be submissive to their husbands, and I really hate American Christian bakers for feeling uncomfortable over baking wedding cakes for LGBT couples.”

“But, I won’t say a word of criticism over Muslims who practice female genital mutilation on girls, throw LGBT to their deaths from roof tops for being LGBT, or who stone women rape victims to death for being rape victims.”

“I’ll get really angry if someone else mentions any of this about Muslims, and accuse them of being Islamophobic, and I’ll demand to see “proof,”(*) even though I’m just as capable as Googling and finding examples as the next person. I like being in my liberal bubble!”


*(Link): Stuff Muslim Culture Likes 


(Link – off site): Female Democrat Senators ‘Brush Off’ Female Scholars Against Islamism

(Link): Christian Virginity Peddlers Vs Muslims Who Molest Girls and The Liberals Who Look the Other Way 

(Link – off site link): Richard Dawkins Now A Heretic To Progressives

Islam, generally speaking, is vastly more illiberal than Christianity. Somehow, though, Islam falls under the protecting veil of progressivism.

Somewhat related:

(Link – off site): Microaggressions and The Rise of Victimhood Culture

-Being Incredibly Obtuse & Majoring On the Minors

The posters at “Stuff Christian Culture Likes” Facebook group have a way of missing the point.

I. Politics

When I wrote (Link): a post mentioning how Drury and her group focus too much on politics – specifically bashing right wingers, which makes their group hostile to right wingers who may otherwise want to post there (in the example I used: Drury mocking Trump by way of picking on his V.P., Pence) –

And I never see Drury’s group taking liberals or Democrats to task (and theirs is a group supposedly about spiritual abuse in churches) – and that they’re just as nasty as those they are putting down, one guy responded in the comment box by, get this….

Doing nothing but running down every policy by Pence (American Vice President) that he ever hated.

The guy wrote a long- winded paragraph under Drury’s SCCL link bashing my blog post where he went on and on about how awful it was that Pence didn’t want Congress to fund the “American group for providing free scarves for Polar Bears act,” or whatever it was, and so on.

The guy had 67 other complaints about Pence. Just a big old, unhinged diatribe about Pence. Nothing to do with people who have been hurt by churches (e.g. spiritual abuse), which is one of the major causes her group was created to address.

Yes, SCCL doofus commentator, my point made!

You have a group meant to be about exposing spiritual abuse, or how poorly churches deal with things like domestic violence, but they run off the rails when they allow political biases run amok and take over (and it’s gotten much worse, I think, since Trump got into office).

The guy doesn’t comment on THAT problem with SCCL but went on a long rant about politics and why he felt Pence is so darn evil.

II. Anal Retentive on Everything Else

The typical myopia at SCCL tends to go like this, whether they are bashing me, my blog post, or someone else’s blog:

“This blogger criticizing SCCL has a split infinitive in paragraph 4 and a run-on sentence in the first paragraph. Can’t read much more of this.”

“I’m going to ignore the substance of the post to be anal retentive and focus on trivial shit, like the style of font face she used and make fun of her for that.”

And to commentator Lori Fox (who is predictable in her reactions on things like this):

Yes, I know it’s Drury’s group and she can run it as she sees fit, but why is her group titled “Stuff Christian Culture Likes,” if she’s going to allow so much harping on politics? Why not entitle it, “Stuff Republican Culture Likes” to be more accurate?

Some conservatives have been hurt by church and Christianity too, it’s not just a “liberal” phenomenon.

Not all conservatives who have been hurt by conservative Christianity do a 180 degree turn and become a liberal. They’re going to be turned off by SCCL or not feel comfortable posting there.

Some progressive Christians and their denominations promote and push liberal causes every bit as much as some conservative Christians and denominations promote conservative views.

Seldom do I see that called out by liberal Christians or the types of people who post to SCCL.

Impression of Lori Fox on SCCL:

“I like giving sarcastic parody summaries of people’s posts so I don’t have to deal with the actual points of their posts that make me feel uncomfortable. That would involve work.”

-Being Obtuse While Sounding Like 1980s Valley Girls

I think most participants at Drury’s SCCL group run age 40 and older, but they try to sound like current day hipsters and 20- something college kids, but generally end up embarrassing themselves by sounding like 15 year old teen girls from 1985.

A typical SCCL member (even the men) sound like this:

“OMG, Becky, is this blogger using Arial font?! That is like so, 1998. I can’t even with that.”

“Did this blogger just use the word “and” in a sentence? Hello and GTFO, that is so totally lame. Who still uses that word anymore?”

They remind me of the Mean Girls from the movie (Link): Mean Girls. SCCL Facebook group is like the online version of the “Slam Book” in that film.

-Dog Piling On

Fifty thousand SCCL members:

“Let’s all gang up on this one blogger, mock their blog post here on SCCL to our heart’s content, but whine that they won’t allow responses on their blog.”

“We cannot understand why people don’t want to post here on SCCL, where we will ruthlessly insult them, twenty to one.”

“I just want to leave that lady blogger a reply on her own blog telling her what an asshole I think she is.”

“It’s not enough for me to call her an asshole on Drury’s site 56 times over, can’t she see this?? I simply must be permitted to tell her so on her blog too!”

As far as bloggers such as myself not allowing dissent on their blogs: please see the edited (July 2017) portion of my reply to SCCL member Andrew Littler (Link): here 

I published that SCCL member’s critical comment on my blog, but it was a total waste of time.

-Victim Blaming and Gas-Lighting

I’ve done a few blog posts here over the last couple of years, pointing out the bullying-like culture that exists at SCCL (such as).

If you dare to disagree even politely and mildly with the group think in the comments (which runs left wing), you will be attacked. I’ve seen that happen several times.

Not only on the Facebook group, but such is Drury’s Twitter account that if she tweets at you, in reply to you, or about you, dozens of her minions on Twitter will tweet you off and on for hours.

There is a “dog pile” effect that occurs.

You will be ganged up on by many people. It will be just you against dozens.

One harpie who did this back in June – a fan girl of Drury’s on Twitter – actually had the audacity of accusing me of writing a blog post about SCCL’s bullying and of bullying its members (that is, she was incorrectly construing my post critiquing SCCL as being a form of bullying itself).

Wrong. Me pointing out the bullying by the group is not bullying. It’s a form of gas-lighting to suggest otherwise.

I’m merely pointing out it exists and have warned anyone who was thinking about posting at SCCL to think twice.

The woman who Tweeted this at me was victim-blaming me and gas-lighting.

I was being piled on by Drury fans and being bullied, including by her. She was bullying me, but calling me a bully. She is oblivious to her own role in that, though.

I did not even use the “@” to send Drury links to any of my content. When sharing critiques of her SCCL group on Twitter, I use a #StuffChristianCultureLikes hash tag (I didn’t tweet it to her), which is probably how she found my posts.

-Double Standards

Many SCCL members told me on Twitter and on this very blog that they think it’s wrong for me to publicly critique Drury’s group (they have done this once or twice before, not just back in June 2017).

So, these individuals are okay with Drury criticizing other people publicly, but she herself or her group is above criticism?

Why should Drury or her SCCL group be immune from criticism, but they get to criticize other people?

One guy said I should have contacted Drury in private first. Why?

Before Drury criticizes or mocks Driscoll, Steve Furtick, or the (Link): OMG Blog Post lady, does Drury contact them all in private first, before publishing about them on the SCCL Facebook group? My guess is no.

Which reminds me.

Drury does not only go after “big names” in Christianity, such as celebrity Christians such as Mark Driscoll and Steve Furtick, but she posts about middle-aged, harmless, Christian bloggers, such as this (Link): OMG Blog Post lady, knowing full well her group of supporters will mock people such as that and possibly visit their blogs to leave nasty comments.

-Being Vague

Drury has never been very clear about what she believes about Jesus or Christianity, not from what I saw in my 3 to 4 years of lurking at her group.

But Drury, at times, gets offended or annoyed when people who drop in to SCCL ask her what her religious beliefs are.

-Jesus was a Bernie Voter and a Socialist?

Drury once approvingly posted a meme to her Facebook group that suggested that Jesus of Nazareth is a Bernie Sanders Socialist.

(Yet she and her group get pissed off that evangelicals voted for Trump or believe God may have put Trump into office… why is it okay for “her” side to assume how Jesus would vote, but not another side? By the way, I don’t care so much about the political views as I am in pointing out the double standards that go on there.)

She will tell others that she (and this is a quote):

“Fucking loves the shit out of Jesus”

Now, what does any of that mean? What is the significance?

I don’t know. It beats me, and that’s the way Drury likes it.

It’s like a Drury Religious Rorschach test.

-Sitting in a Pew

Drury may write that she is “sitting in Mass” as she is typing a reply to you (she said so to me once, and I’ve seen her say this very thing to a few others).

How about if I tell you I am typing this blog post while in a Mosque? I’m in a Satanist temple?

How about if I said I am composing this while sitting in a Synagogue?

What would any of that mean or prove? That I’m a Muslim? A Satanist? That I’m a Jew? Does where I am posting or Tweeting from address what my beliefs are concerning the person of Jesus of Nazareth?

In the four years of lurking at her group and reading most all her replies, my feeling is that Drury is an agnostic who respects Jesus of Nazareth but either hates or distrusts conservative Christian organized denominations.

It’s also quite possible that Drury is confused and doesn’t quite know what she believes about Jesus.

Whether it’s sceanario one or two (or some third alternative), she should just straight out say so and stop playing games with people who ask her.

-Being Flippant, Glib, and Sarcastic

Drury frequently is flippant in her replies to other people.

Yet, she got short or annoyed with me when I told her one of her Tweets to me sounded glib (it honestly did), so that I could not make heads or tails if she was being straight up with me or not.

Her usual communication style does not lend itself to clear exchanges… yet, you, the correspondent, will be criticized for mistaking one of her straight-forward remarks as being sarcastic.

If you’re usually sarcastic with people, how can you get irritated if or when they mistake some of your writing for being sarcasm? But there it is.


Drury and her SCCL minions like to assume.

They like to assume I am a man.

A number of them kept using male pronouns to refer to me in the comment section at the SCCL Facebook group. Even though I’ve never hidden the fact on this blog that I am a woman.

Those at SCCL usually assume anyone and everyone to whom they write, mock, and insult is an up-tight, conservative Christian evangelical.

Wrong again. I’ve said on this blog several times over I’m in a faith crisis with one foot in agnosticism.

Drury seems to think everyone who writes her will need smelling salts or go into pearl-clutching mode if they see (or hear) words such as “fuck,” “shit,” or, “pussy.”

At one point in our exchange on Twitter, Drury sent me a link to a video of a guy who mentioned the word “pussy” in it.

Did he mean pussy as in female genitalia, or pussy as in kitty cat? Don’t know.

I’m not sure if Drury’s sense of humor naturally leans to the profane or obscene, but mine never has. And it has nothing to do with being a goody-goody, and it has nothing to do with the Christian faith, but with personal taste.

I have never cared for vulgar or bodily function humor. I don’t find jokes or movie scenes with crude or sex jokes to be funny, but juvenile, stupid, and boring.

My sense of humor leans more towards movies such as “Idiocracy” or “The Naked Gun” (yes, these movies contained a few dick jokes, or naked butt jokes, here and there, but not a lot).

By the way, I never assumed Drury was an atheist.

Drury told me in a tweet I assumed she was an atheist.  I have said before on this site that her group attracts atheists, agnostics, and liberal Christians, but I don’t recall saying that she herself is an atheist.

It’s hypocritical for her to get offended over the mistaken idea that I was assuming she is an atheist when she herself is as clear as mud about what her religious beliefs are.

Pretty disingenuous of Drury to fault people or take offense at people for guessing at what her religious views are, when she isn’t clear about it from the outset. I would be delighted to accurately convey what her religious beliefs were if she accurately stated them as best she could.

I at least come right out and tell people what I believe, as clearly as I know how: I used to be a conservative Christian for years, until the last several years, when I started having doubts about it all, and I’m still working through it.

-Safe Spaces

-SCCL Members Like Assuming I Never Leave This Blog

You see the blog roll list, which is currently on the right hand side of this blog’s home page?

Yeah, notice how I link to at least two or three liberal sites, not just right wing sites. (I used to link to Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook group there for a year or two before finally removing a link to it about a month ago.)

I also follow many more left wing accounts on Twitter, news type sites, as well as liberal people.


(Link):  The Non-Stop Trump- Bashing by Liberal Sites Makes Formerly Semi- Useful Liberal Sites Totally Useless To Me Now

I don’t confine myself to a right wing echo chamber.  I sometimes visit liberal sites and read articles by liberals. Bear that in mind.

-SCCL Likes Ignoring a Person’s ‘About’ Page Before Criticizing Them

I thought liberals were supposed to be about safe spaces? Apparently not, given my June 2017 run-in with SCCL members.

Some of them complained at SCCL that I don’t allow dissenting views on this blog, and one guy insulted me because I don’t use my real name to blog.

If these yea-hoos would bother becoming familiar with a person’s blog (such as reading this blog’s “about me” page), they would know better before spouting off.

One SCCL guy also called me a “coward” because I post under a pen name (not my real name).

I already explained on this blog before, including on the (Link): “About” page over a year ago (via a link to another post), that I blog under a pen name for safety concerns, and that I use this blog as a public journal to sort through views and things I’m going through in life, and sometimes to rant.

-SCCL Likes Not Supporting Right Wing Women Who Blog And Express Their Views

I was raised in a conservative Christian family where I was taught to be a loving, pleasant doormat.

I was taught by my Christian family that it was wrong, un-feminine, or ungodly for a girl or woman to be assertive or to express anger.

This blog is one of my places where I can freely express rage and anger and feel comfortable doing so. 

You would think that the pro-feminist types at SCCL would be cheering me on in Expressing Myself at this blog, since my Christian family brought me up to repress my opinions and keep my mouth shut, but nope!

The SCCL crowd only approves of left- wing women blogging and voicing their views.

Anyway, I am not interested in debate on this blog; to use liberal terminology (because they can’t seem to communicate without it), this blog is my “safe space” on the internet.

This blog exists to share my experiences and hear from like-minded people, not to debate people with differing views.

I post to other sites under other names, where people yell and scream at me. I get plenty enough debate on other sites I visit, I don’t need or want it here.

But you’d already know that if you had read other posts, or the “about me” page (or pages linked to from it, and in older posts), but it’s so much more easy and fun to just bash someone without having more information, isn’t it, SCCL?

– Some SCCL Members Like Criticizing Others For Writing Under A Pen Name

As to using a Pseudonym to write this blog (my god, I wrote a few blog posts on this one alone, can’t believe I have to explain this again):

I have been stalked by about three different men in the last 20 years, two of them had my real name and one used my real name to track me down and call me at one of my last jobs more than once. That was awkward.

One stalker guy used my real name to look up other e-mails of mine, so he could ridicule the death of my mother and tell me he hoped I dropped dead of cancer, just like her.

That one stalked me for seven or eight years. (YEARS – not days, not months, but YEARS.)

Lesson learned. Never again. I don’t give out my real name, so I can hopefully avoid crack pots.

I also know some liberals are very nasty types, and they want your real name only so they can harass you at home, or call your supervisor to get you fired.

So, SCCL guy who called me a “coward” for not using my real name, why do you want my real name?

Do you want my real name so you can harass me in my off-line life?

What difference does my real name make, just so you can personally attack me, rather than deal with the substance of my posts, is that it? My name is irrelevant.

SCCL Likes Dissent Only So They Can Insult You On Your Own Blog

By the way, though I generally do not allow dissenting comments on my blog, I have published a few any how, including by “Friends O’ Drury’s” who left me rude comments on prior posts!

I even answered all, or almost all, the Drury fans who Tweeted at me back in June (and I was pretty polite to them, if I do say so).

So, to those being ass-hats at Drury’s club complaining I don’t allow dissenting views here – several of them still got their posts published, -AND-  all of them got to yell at me on Twitter.

But they already mock the crud out of me on SCCL, so anything else is just excess and unnecessary.

By the way, the one guy from SCCL whose complainy post I published on my blog (link to his comment on my blog) – I left him a civil reply (link to my reply) – and he did not bother to respond to it!

That’s all SCCL members want to do: jump over here, cuss me out, and leave.

The SCCL crowd (most of them) are not interested in dialogue or getting to know someone, but just in insulting them and running away.


Some Drury fan tweeted at me that he thinks my writing is terrible.

First of all, I never said that my writing on this blog is the greatest.

Once again, if people were regular readers of this blog, they would already know a few things, such as…

I have insomnia. On some nights when I get up and cannot go back to sleep, I may come on to this blog and write a post. I don’t do my best work when half-asleep.

Secondly, this blog is a journal for me to sort though my feelings, or just write in a casual way.

I never claimed this is a professional enterprise on par with the New York Times. It’s just me here. I don’t have ten proof readers or editors checking posts I write.

I sometime lurk at a site by people who have been hurt by churches (their stories involve sexual, physical, and/or spiritual abuse by self-professing Christians).

At least two of the women who post there don’t always write very well. I sense that English may not be the first language of one of the women. The other one is writing from emotion – so she writes long, run-on sentences.

I still learn a great deal from reading about their life experiences.

You know what I don’t do? Act like a huge ass hole and tell them, “Your writing is terrible.”

I don’t leave them comments picking apart their spelling or grammar.

I was told in high school by one English teacher that I was already writing at a college level.

While I was in my late teens and on into my twenties, I had other teachers, family, and friends tell me I should become a writer – either a journalist and write for a paper, or write novels. I had so many people tell me that I should write.

So to the jerk face who told me on Twitter over Drury’s tweets, and in regards to my one lone blog post to which he was referring, “your writing is terrible,” no, it sure as fuck is not.

–If I can think of any more things that Stuff That Christian Culture Facebook Group Likes Likes, I’ll add them to the list.–


As I said at the start, by this time, I think Drury is mainly interested in promoting a liberal agenda.

I don’t think there is so much a concern for hurting people with her. I used to try to give her a benefit of the doubt on that, but after our exchange in June 2017, I’m not so sure.

I think Drury once said on her group that she works at a domestic violence shelter (or used to)? If she does, I’m not sure in what capacity. Does she work at one as a counselor? At any rate.

Here’s one of my concerns. Drury is not willing to show compassion or a willingness to get along online with right-wing women who have been hurt by churches or by sexism.

If an abused woman walks into a domestic shelter where Drury works while wearing a “MAGA” (pro-Trump) hat, or tells Drury she is a conservative Christian who votes Republican, is Drury going to show that woman less compassion than she would the woman who walks in wearing a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton “I’m with her” campaign button?

Would Drury show favoritism to a Democrat domestic violence victim who walks into her center but mock a Trump-voting domestic violence victim?

From what I saw, Drury doesn’t care if her group is inhospitable to right wingers who have been hurt by Christianity or churches, so it makes me wonder how she treats people in face- to- face contexts.

-Good Samaritan

In the Gospels, Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan, the guy who stopped to help a victim of a robbery, after two very religious guys walked by and did nothing to help (link to story here – Bible Gateway).

The thing that was supposed to be shocking to listeners of this story 2,000 years ago – Jewish people – is that the hero of the story was a Samaritan. The Jews hated the Samaritans. 

If Jesus re-told this story to Drury and her fan bots on SCCL today, the story would have two “good” guys (from the SCCL view) – liberal, feminist, abortion- supporting, Democrat voters – walk on by without helping the bloodied victim…

While the hero of the story would be precisely who Drury and her group despise: a M.A.G.A- hat- wearing Trump voter who loves NASCAR and listening to Garth Brooks and Hank Williams.

What good is your so-called compassion for people or victims of churches, if the only people you are willing to help, welcome, or show compassion to, are people who meet your criteria, as in, left wing women, those who share your political views?

 “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them.

33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that.

34 And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full.35 

But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back.  (source)


Drury and most of the members of SCCL Facebook Group are somewhat the left wing version of authoritarian, spiritually abusive churches and organizations (the kind they sometimes criticize on SCCL itself).

The members of either one – SCCL or the authoritarian churches – place holding or believing correct religious or political doctrines and views in importance above, and at the expense of, the well-being and safety of the people.

The allegiance of SCCL is with defending or promoting progressive view points, not with helping any and all people (including conservatives).

I finally removed the link to the SCCL Facebook group from this blog’s blog roll list on the right side of the page. It had been there for over a year.

I used to visit SCCL on a regular basis and even read quite a number of the comments. No more. I stopped visiting that group back in early June 2017.

I don’t believe that SCCL is a safe space for most people to post to or maybe even lurk at (as I once did).

While I previously responded to SCCL members who Tweeted at me, I don’t think I will do that any longer. I may just put them on block if they contact me.

Back in June 2017, when Drury and her friends were beating me up on Twitter and Facebook (and even prior), I heard from others who had bad experiences with her or with her group.

Some of them told me after just glancing at her group that they felt it was a “vile” place so they would not post there.

I think I said on my blog’s “About” page that I have, for years, been friends with those who differ with me regarding religion and politics. I’ve had friends who are Wiccan, atheist, ex Christian, liberal Christian, Jewish, Democrat, Republican, liberal, right wing.

I may completely disagree with some political or religious positions of some of my friends (and they know I do, and they disagree with some of my views), but I have been willing to overlook such differences and “agree to disagree” with them to retain friendships.

It’s unfortunate that there are people who so tightly cling to a political agenda they are willing to trample on other people.

I’m not sure, but isn’t Drury a fan of this guy’s writing? Some of what this guy writes applies to Drury and those at her group:

(Link): A Blog Post in which I Get Belligerent about Theological Belligerence

by Pete Enns

Here’s my point for today: Belligerence in theological discussions is a reaction to a deep fear—typically unperceived as such—that one’s narrative is under threat.

…I’m talking about a life of faith marked by a theme of belligerence—hostility and aggressiveness toward others who think differently.

…But there are those who love to fight and think they are serving God in doing so—that he is perhaps especially proud of them when they bludgeon others.

…Third, it [a harsh tone] just doesn’t work. People tend not to be convinced by hot rhetoric.

I’d say a lot of that (and other sections from Enns’ essay) apply to SCCL Facebook group, but it would go past religion to also encompass politics.

Also relevant to this post about SCCL Facebook group:

By a self proclaimed feminist, Democrat and atheist:

(Link): Camille Paglia: On Trump, Democrats, Transgenderism, and Islamist Terror

Excerpts (I am quoting some of this out of order, emphasis added by me by way of bold type):

First of all, I [Camille Paglia] must make my political affiliations crystal clear.

I am a registered Democrat who voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary and for Jill Stein in the general election.

…Liberalism of the 1950s and ’60s exalted civil liberties, individualism, and dissident thought and speech. “Question authority” was our generational rubric when I was in college.

But today’s liberalism has become grotesquely mechanistic and authoritarian: It’s all about reducing individuals to a group identity, defining that group in permanent victim terms, and denying others their democratic right to challenge that group and its ideology.

… The reluctance or inability of Western liberals to candidly confront jihadism has been catastrophically counterproductive insofar as it has inspired an ongoing upsurge in right-wing politics in Europe and the United States.

Citizens have an absolute right to demand basic security from their government. The contortions to which so many liberals resort to avoid connecting bombings, massacres, persecutions, and cultural vandalism to Islamic jihadism is remarkable, given their usual animosity to religion, above all Christianity.

…Right now, too many secular Western liberals treat Islam with paternalistic condescension…

[And in response to a question about politics]

…The point here is that Donald Trump won the nomination fair and square against a host of serious, experienced opponents who simply failed to connect with a majority of GOP primary voters.

… In actuality, the sexism allegations about Trump were relatively few and minor, compared to the long list of lurid claims about the predatory Bill Clinton.

…My position continues to be that Hillary, with her supercilious, Marie Antoinette-style entitlement, was a disastrously wrong candidate for 2016 and that she secured the nomination only through overt chicanery..

[Paglia also had some interesting things to say in the interview about feminism, gender, and transgenderism]

Before I sign off…

-Not Your Friend

I’ve no idea if anyone from SCCL will ever see this post, but if you do, I’d like to warn you that nobody in that group is your friend – neither is Drury.

I don’t care if you have posted there for years, every day..

I don’t care if you’ve even exchanged telephone numbers with other members there and have talked to them over the phone and had pleasant conversations with them.

If for any reason you move away from the group norms and say so in the group (let’s say, for instance, you go from supporting suing Christian bakers who don’t want to serve LGBT weddings to opposing that action – it can be you disagreeing with whatever they hold sacred), they will turn on you like a pack of wolves and rip on you in the comments.

Drury will not come to your defense, either. She will likely join the mob in torching you, as well.  And you might feel shocked, because you thought that she and the others there are your friends.

I’ve seen this dynamic before on similar groups, forums, and blogs over the years. Drury’s group gives off the red flags on this, which is one reason I never posted there.

Drury is not your friend – the people who post there are not your friends. You cannot trust such a group or count on them to always be there for you no matter what. Their loyalty is to pushing and defending progressive view points and trashing anything right- of- center.

I don’t intend on blogging further about Drury or SCCL. I haven’t visited that group since June 2017.

If I can think of anything to add later, I would like to edit this post to add it.

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