Christian Virginity Peddlers Vs Muslims Who Molest Girls and The Liberals Who Look the Other Way 

Christian Virginity Peddlers Vs Muslims Who Molest Girls & The Liberals Who Look the Other Way 

I intended on making this blog post the other day but forgot. As I noted in one of my (Link): last posts, I have not visited SCCL (Stuff Christian Culture Likes) Facebook group since early June 2017 for reasons that are explained in that post.

A couple of weeks ago, someone in my Twitter shared a link to (Link): this page titled“Jodi Heckert Pledged to Protect His Daughter’s Virginity, Now in Prison For Child Molestation”

If you scroll to the bottom of that page, there is a line that reads:

“H/T Stuff Christian Culture Likes.”

[Hat Tip to Stuff Christian Culture Likes]

So, I take it that Stephanie Drury, maintainer of SCCL Facebook group, posted a link to that news story on her group for her members to mock and cluck in worry over. This same, group, though, which is largely comprised of liberals, does not like for Islam to be called out for infractions against girls, women, or for anyone, really.

When I mentioned in one of (Link): my other posts critical of SCCL that about any time I see a terrorist mentioned on the news, the terrorist almost always turns out to be a Muslim (yes, it’s true, (Link): most of them are), several of Drury’s SCCL readers had temper tantrums.

Before I continue, allow me to quote from liberal, atheist, and Democrat Camille Paglia here:

But today’s liberalism has become grotesquely mechanistic and authoritarian: It’s all about reducing individuals to a group identity, defining that group in permanent victim terms, and denying others their democratic right to challenge that group and its ideology.

… The reluctance or inability of Western liberals to candidly confront jihadism has been catastrophically counterproductive insofar as it has inspired an ongoing upsurge in right-wing politics in Europe and the United States.

Citizens have an absolute right to demand basic security from their government. The contortions to which so many liberals resort to avoid connecting bombings, massacres, persecutions, and cultural vandalism to Islamic jihadism is remarkable, given their usual animosity to religion, above all Christianity.

…Right now, too many secular Western liberals treat Islam with paternalistic condescension…


(Link): Camille Paglia: On Trump, Democrats, Transgenderism, and Islamist Terror

Paglia is one of the few left wingers I’ve seen who comprehends.

Islam is notorious for sexism. Many of their Imams teach it is acceptable for husbands to beat wives. Honor killings, where Muslim families will stone girls or women to death for being rape victims, are not uncommon.

In some Islamic nations or cultures, women are not allowed to ride bicycles, wear skirts, or obtain educations. (Examples with links to news stories of all those mentioned (Link): here)

While one can find the occasional news story of American Christians treating American girls and women in an appallingly sexist manner, and using their religious beliefs to “justify” such treatment (I’ve posted stories here on my blog before), Islam has U.S. Christianity beat in the severity and frequency of crimes against girls and women (Examples with links to news stories of all those mentioned (Link): here).

The majority of (conservative) American Christianity falls under the mild to moderate level of a belief called “gender complementarianism” (which teaches, among other things, that in a married couple, that a husband should have “headship” over a wife. Note: I disagree with complementarianism and consider it, even in its mild forms, to be sexism.)

Regardless, I have not seen a large number of American Christian complementarians advocating a more severe form of complementarianism that borders on patriarchy, outside of a few extremists and nuts, such as Christian ‘Quivering’ families, and / or groups or names such as Reconstructionists, Doug Wilson, or the Duggar family of reality television fame.

As bad as American Christians are with religious-backed sexism, I’ve not seen as many reports of American Christian complementarians practicing things such as the kidnap and selling of young girls as sex slaves, as has been one common practice under the Islamic group ISIS.

For example:

(Link):  TRADED LIKE CATTLE –ISIS sickos sold captured women as sex slaves in Mosul reveals chilling ‘bill of sale’ document detailing their vital stats

(Link): Yazidi sex slave kidnapped by ISIS vows to ‘take revenge’ on brutes who tortured her after joining all-female militia to fight in Syria

Most American Christian families who believe in complementarianism permit their daughters to go to school, wear bathing suits, drive cars, choose whom they will marry (or if they marry), and to hold secular careers.

Again, there are some outlying nut jobs – the more severe complementarians – who do go too far, in that they believe a daughter should live at home until married, who don’t believe women should hold secular jobs, and so on, but these types seem to be in the minority.

I never see liberals calling out sexism against women and girls by Muslims.

This is due, partly, I believe to the (Link): weird Hierarchy of Approved Victim Groups that American liberals subscribe to.

For some reason I cannot fathom, liberals have currently placed Muslims at number one on the list.

So, we arrive at this odd situation where, if, a Muslim man were to murder a LGBT person for being LGBT, American liberals will not speak out in protest, because in their world, the life of a Muslim man is more important than that of a LGBT person.

As I surmised in that older post, women in general (and at times, depending on the context – cis, hetero, white women in particular) are at the very bottom of the rung of American (and I’d say European) liberal concern, so that when or if Muslim men have rape gangs, where they fondle and rape women (see links in (Link): this previous post), liberals pretend as though it’s not happening. Liberals look the other way.

Liberals are more concerned with protecting Muslims than they are in speaking out against crimes against girls and women by Muslims.

But some of them, such as participants at SCCL group, love to point to crimes against girls and women by conservatives or Christians. It’s deviant and very hypocritical.

So, SCCL Facebook group shared a link to this article a few weeks ago:

(Link): Jodi Heckert Pledged to Protect His Daughter’s Virginity, Now in Prison For Child Molestation by Bruce Gerencser


Jodi Heckert and his daughter appeared in a June 14, 2014 Slate Magazine article titled “Striking Portraits of Fathers and the Daughters Whose Virginity They’ve Pledged to Protect.”

…For those of us who were once a part of the patriarchy movement, David Magnusson’s photographs are reminders of the many girls who are smothered by their God-fearing, hymen-worshiping “protective” fathers.

(end excerpt)

Before I resume with how all this relates to liberals and liberal groups such as SCCL, I wanted to say:

Regarding this part from the blog post above, written by Gerencser (a man, no less):

…For those of us who were once a part of the patriarchy movement, David Magnusson’s photographs are reminders of the many girls who are smothered by their God-fearing, hymen-worshiping “protective” fathers.

(end excerpt)

Why is it that authors such as that also strip girls of their agency?

Why is there this assumption that these girls are forced to take virginity pledges?

Why is this situation framed as the father of the girl as being a “hymen worshipper,” rather than, the young ladies in the story chose of their own volition to remain abstinent?

Perhaps the girls in these stories were not brainwashed or pressured to stay virgins, or to take virginity pledges, (Link): but chose for themselves what to do with their sexuality, and they decided not to have sexual intercourse, which is their right.

One would think that non-Christians, liberals, and feminists would respect the choice of these girls to abstain. That would be more consistent with their rhetoric about respecting a girl or woman’s choice, but they seldom follow through.

Liberals and feminists will only respect a girl or woman’s choice if it involves sexual activity, but not if a girl or woman chooses herself to abstain.

At any rate, SCCL Facebook group shared that post by Gerencser, no doubt to mock and criticize virginity, virginity pledges, and sexual purity, and the fact that a father who was involved in a virginity pledge ceremony was later discovered to be a child molester.

And yet, in the same week, and ones after, I saw these news reports about Muslims raping, molesting, or otherwise practicing sexism against girls and women – but will liberals, such as the ones at SCCL, care about any of these stories – there is no liberal out-rage over the rape and sexual harassment of girls and women committed by Muslims:

(Link): Muslim Men Gang Raped Teenage Girl As Part Of Their Eid Celebration…


June 28, 2017

A group of Muslim men who abducted and raped two teenage girls as part of their Eid celebrations laughed in court yesterday as they were jailed for a total of 38 years.
The girls, aged 15 and 16, were lured miles from their home to a dingy hostel.

In a horrifying weekend-long ordeal, they were plied with alcohol and repeatedly raped by two men, Shamrez Rashid and Amar Hussain, before being offered to a number of others who also ‘used them for sex’.

The 16-year old was forced to have sex six times with four different men.

The younger victim was raped by one man and then sexually assaulted by another.

One defendant, Rashid, 20, was said to have claimed the girls had enjoyed the sex, which he said had taken place as they celebrated the Muslim festival of Eid.

‘It was Eid,’ he said. ‘We treated them as our guests. OK, so they gave us [sex] but we were buying them food and drink.

(end excerpts)

This came through my Twitter feed in July 2017:

(Link): Syrian Muslim migrant trafficked teen girls while out on bail for raping another teenager


Zohair Tomari, 20, who is believed to be from Syria, invited his 17-year-old victim and her 15-year-old friend to his flat in August 2014 after befriending them.

Once there, he gave her alcohol, before slapping and punching both and pulling out a knife.

Tomari, of Longford, Coventry, demanded that the terrified teen open her legs and, as he undid his belt, told her that the more she cried, the more he would hit her, before proceeding to rape her.

Police arrived at the scene after the youngest girl was reported missing, at which point the other informed them of the incident in private.

But he was granted bail and went on to traffic two younger girls, aged 13 and 14, as they walked to a friend’s home in the early hours of the morning in August last year.

The pair were enticed into the car – in which Tomari was a passenger – and given drink and cigarettes before being led to a flat in Foleshill, Coventry, where he sexually assaulted them.

(end excerpt)

This story was first published in 2014, but I did not see it until a couple of weeks ago (July 2017 – someone on one of my social media accounts shared it last week):

(Link): Islamic teacher who sexually abused girl, 11, as he taught her the Koran spared jail because his wife doesn’t speak English

Suleman Maknojioa, 40, squeezed girl’s chest under her prayer scarf

Attacks took place as he gave lessons in Arabic to girl and her brothers

Father of six convicted of five counts of sexual activity with a child

He was handed a suspended sentence after judge told family rely on him

(end excerpts)

From July 2017 – one of the few stories I’ve seen of a man suffering for what Muslims usually fault women for:

(Link): A male model was tortured and hacked to death in Iraq — reportedly for being too pretty and wearing tight clothes

by Tamar Lapin

A male model was tortured and hacked to death in Iraq — for being too pretty and wearing tight clothes, according to a report.

Karar Nushi’s mutilated body was found on the streets of Baghdad on Monday with chain marks on his hands and neck and a bullet hole in his head — and friends believe he was murdered by Islamist extremists over his snug duds, long blond hair and good looks, (Link): Iraqi News reported.

Nushi’s pals say the Institute of Fine Arts student (Link): had received anonymous death threats on social media because of his flowing, Fabio-style locks and fashion choices — and because he reportedly was preparing to participate in a male beauty pageant, the news site reports.

(end excerpts)

From July 2017:

(Link):  Saudi Woman Gets Arrested For Wearing A Mini Skirt

A Saudi woman was arrested by Riyadh police after she sent out a video of herself wearing a crop top and mini skirt Tuesday.

The woman was arrested for wearing “suggestive clothing” while walking through the ancient fort “Ushayqir,” according to Saudi state television station (Link): Al Ekhbariya.

The woman violated Islamic dress that is strictly enforced in Saudi Arabia, dictating that women wear a full cloak and a hijab, The (Link): Washington Post reported Tuesday. Other provinces require that women fully cover everything but their eyes with a niqab.

(end excerpt)

From July 2017 – in the UK, Muslims are sometimes referred to as “Asians”

(Link): British Girl Gets Raped By ‘Asian Man,’ Runs For Help, Gets Raped Again By ‘Asian’ Rescuer

As you read the following, keep in mind that in Britain, “Asian” means “from South Asia.” Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. In other words: Muslim.

via Ceren Senkul, Sky News:

A 15-year-old girl who flagged down a car for help after she was raped in Birmingham was raped again by the driver who pulled over.

A double manhunt is now under way to find the attackers, both described as Asian men in their early 20s…

(end excerpt)

(Link): For some Saudi women facing strict male authority and even abuse, there’s only one answer: Run

July 30, 2017

In Saudi Arabia, fleeing even an abusive home is a crime for women. Their male relatives wield vast power under the kingdom’s guardianship system, which prohibits women from running away from male guardians, including fathers and husbands, and gives those relatives control over their ability to obtain passports and travel. If runaways are caught, they can be jailed until their guardian allows them to be released.

Guardianship can be particularly onerous for women who are divorced, widowed or who delay marriage. Some mothers are forced to defer to their sons as guardians.

But Saudi women are increasingly risking imprisonment to flee, not just within the country, but overseas as well.

…The proposals call for ending the requirement that women have a male relative’s permission to travel or do many other things considered routine for women in other parts of the world.

(end excerpt)

A lot of liberals bitch and moan about Christian purity culture and Christian modesty culture but go strangely silent when Muslims enforce the same things.

Will liberals, such as the variety that post to SCCL and elsewhere, acknowledge any of the above? Most will not.

They are hypocrites. They will publicize and criticize sexual crimes and sexism by Christians (or conservatives) constantly, but either totally ignore the same when committed by Muslims, or accuse the person who is pointing these stories out as being an “Islamophobe” and not address how Islam too has its share of sexists and sexual deviants.

These liberals actually act as APOLOGISTS for Muslims who rape, molest, or sexually harass girls and women – they are not feminists, and they don’t truly care about all girls and all women.

(Link – off site link): Richard Dawkins Now A Heretic To Progressives

Islam, generally speaking, is vastly more illiberal than Christianity. Somehow, though, Islam falls under the protecting veil of progressivism.

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