Woman Dies of Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Sex Game Goes Wrong

Woman Dies of Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Sex Game Goes Wrong

Note that in the original headline of this piece, the woman is referred to as a ‘Mom,’ which I (Link): find a little annoying.

(Link):  Mom dies from flesh-eating disease after sex game gone wrong


A young mom died from a rare flesh-eating disease after being injured during a sex game with her boyfriend.

Care assistant Katie Widdowson told medics she had hurt her wrist while being restrained in bed.

But hospital doctors diagnosed a simple sprain and sent her home – missing warning signs that it was something far more serious.

The next day, 24-year-old Katie, from Castle Vale, Birmingham was rushed back to hospital – and had a heart attack while in the ambulance.

The much-loved young mom was found to have the flesh-eating bug Necrotising Fasciitis, and died from the bacterial infection shortly afterwards.


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