San Francisco’s BART Hooligans: Liberals Really Do Place Allegiance To Political Correctness Above Your Physical Safety

San Francisco’s BART Hooligans: Liberals Really Do Place Allegiance To Political Correctness Above Your Physical Safety

That liberals place their social justice warrior agenda and politically correct views before the safety of people was something I’ve been suspecting now for the past several months (see this post and this post), but I saw this news story the other night that confirms it.

(Link):  BART officials withholding crime surveillance tapes for ‘fear of racial stereotyping’

July 25, 2017

 By William Lajeunesse

The transit system that serves San Francisco is under fire for refusing to release video from surveillance cameras that captured several recent train attacks by gangs of young black riders.

Assault, robbery and rape are up 41 percent over last year on the vast train system known as BART, or Bay Area Rapid Transit. But several recent attacks by gangs of young men has the agency under public scrutiny. One victim is suing to warn riders of the risk they face when riding BART.

…Yet BART refused to release the video, claiming several of the alleged gang members might be under 18.

But Debora Allen, one of nine BART directors, said the agency is concealing the real reason – putting political correctness over public safety.

“They want to withhold the video release for fear of creating racial stereotyping,” Allen told us last week.

She cited a July 7, 2017, internal memo to BART directors. The agency said it would not issue a press release on a similar mob attack in June because it would “paint an inaccurate picture of the BART system as crime ridden.”

It would also “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports and a high level of racially insensitive commentary,” the memo said.

Allen questioned BART Assistant General Manager Kerry Hamill about that explanation, saying “I don’t understand what role the color of one’s skin plays in this issue. Can you explain?”

Hamill responded that members of the media only wanted to sensationalize the story and were only interested in “ratings” and “clicks.”

“If we were to regularly feed the news media video of crimes on our system that involve minority suspects, particularly when they are minors, we would certainly face questions as to why we were sensationalizing relatively minor crimes and perpetuating false stereotypes in the process,” said.

Allen told Fox News she was disappointed to read the memo.

“Race should play no role,” she said. “With respect to the video, I think it is important for the riding public to see some of the ways people steal and assault people on the trains.”

(Link):  BART Withholding Surveillance Videos Of Crime To Avoid ‘Stereotypes’ by Melisssa Caen, July 9, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — In the last three months, there have been at least three robberies on BART involving groups of teenagers.

“I think people are genuinely concerned — they are fearful about the stories that have come out about the recent attacks, the assaults, the thefts,” said Debora Allen, who is a member of the BART Board of Directors.

April 22: Forty to sixty kids boarded a train at the Coliseum stop and robbed seven passengers, beating up two;

June 28: A group of four kids assaulted a passenger and made off with a cell phone at Dublin; and

[snip further crime examples]

…Allen told us the agency issued an explanation for why it is being tight-lipped about the thefts.

“To release these videos would create a high level of racially insensitive commentary toward the district,” she was told. “And in addition it would create a racial bias in the riders against minorities on the trains.”

According to a memo distributed to BART Directors, the agency won’t do a press release on the June 30 theft because it was a “petty crime” that would make BART look “crime ridden.” Furthermore, it would “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports.”

BART keeps riders in dark about teen mob robbery

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