‘She Was A Sex Slave’: Wife of Preacher Reveals Horrific Torture At Hands Of Her Husband by L. Little

‘She Was A Sex Slave’: Wife of Preacher Reveals Horrific Torture At Hands Of Her Husband by L. Little

For the billionth time on this blog: marriage does not instill godliness, maturity, kindness, or altruism in a person, as so many conservative Christians and my fellow secular conservatives keep maintaining in their editorials.

If marriage was all that was necessary to instill great character in a person and so on, Jesus Christ would not have needed to die on the cross.

Because Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 7 that remaining single is of more benefit to society (the kingdom of God, specifically) than marriage, in that, supposedly, a Christian single’s energy and attention is not divided between pleasing a spouse and pleasing God, it also makes no sense for Christians to argue that marriage is somehow necessary to fix culture, as they so frequently do.

I no longer agree with the Christian teaching of “be equally yoked” in marriage, because I see no advantage in a woman marrying a Christian man, because (Link): so many of them are abusive or are perverts.

Here is yet another example of that (I have a small number of comments below the long excerpt here):

(Link): ‘She Was A Sex Slave’: Wife of Preacher Reveals Horrific Torture At Hands Of Her Husband | (Tweet)

by L. Little, July 2017

The wife of a radical Australian preacher has broken her silence for the first time on the horrific abuse she suffered for years at the hands of her cruel husband.

But Joy Harris, 63, revealed the most devastating aspect of her ordeal was being shunned by her own son – an Independent Baptist pastor like his Dad – because he blamed her for his father’s evil actions.

“I’m totally heartbroken. He hasn’t even let me see his children, because I have to repent first.”

Speaking in a 60 Minutes exclusive, the Cairns grandmother said she had been raped up to seven time a day by her husband, Pastor Larry Harris.

“He thought the more times a day he could have it, the more of a man he was. He would get up to 6, 7 times a day and he didn’t care if it caused me pain,” she told reporter Liam Bartlett.

Pastor Harris pleaded guilty to two counts of rape in Queensland in January, however Joy will seek to have him charged in New South Wales, where the majority of abuse allegedly occurred, when he is released.

Joy told Bartlett any sense of justice will be forever overshadowed because her son Kevin, who leads the Illawarra Community Baptist Church in Dapto, has turned his back on her for speaking out against the church.

“[Kevin thinks] I’m just as guilty as a rapist, my rapist. I’m wrong; I’m displeasing God.”

In an explosive interview with 60 Minutes, which saw Kevin Harris storm out, he admitted he believed there was, “disobedience to the Lord on both parts.”

…It’s a stance that put Kevin Harris at odds with not only his mother, but also his own brother Jason, who quit the church in 2006 due to their fanatical beliefs.

“We didn’t realise it at the time completely, but she was a sex slave,” he told Bartlett.

Detective Sergeant Brendan Young led the investigation into Pastor Larry Harris and tells Bartlett he was appalled by what he uncovered.

“It was sexual assault, it was rapes, it was deprivation of liberty, look it was disgusting to be honest,” Det. Sgt Young said.

Joy told Bartlett Kevin’s views are widespread throughout the Independent Baptist movement and she’s determined to lend her voice to those unable to speak out against them, and expose the sinister doctrine being openly preached in small suburban churches scattered around Australia.

I have absolutely no desire to marry a man who believes in any of this sexist, victim-blaming garbage – that a woman who is raped is just as liable as the rapist; that the woman calling the rapist out for his rape and abuse is just as bad as the rape itself.

That Christians keep teaching this trash is not making marriage look appealing to single women such as myself.

I’d rather marry a kind-hearted Non-Christian who treats me well than marry a raping, abusive, Bible preaching Christian man.


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