“They Feel that Churches Don’t Offer Anything For Singles”

“They Feel that Churches Don’t Offer Anything For Singles”

Someone wrote into Christian television show 700 Club to say they are friends with two different single adults who say they can’t find a mention of singles in the Bible, and that,

“They Feel that Churches Don’t Offer Anything For Singles”

The letter writer also says that her (or his) single friends feel discouraged.

You can watch the video and hear Robertson’s reply here:

(Link): Bring It On-Line: – August 1, 2017 (You Tube)

Robertson gets hung up on the fact that the singles said that the Bible “doesn’t mention singles.”

I, too, found that to be an odd remark, given that Paul says in 1 Cor 7 it is better to remain single than to marry.

However, Robertson focuses on that part of the question and basically ignores this part:

“They Feel that Churches Don’t Offer Anything For Singles”

And it’s very true that most churches (particularly Baptist and Protestant) ignore adults singles, or else, treat adult singles like freaks and losers, or as free wait-stuff to the married couples (churches think God invented singles merely to act as free baby-sitting to married people who have kids – very insulting).

The 700 Club show only very infrequently addresses the topic of mature singleness (i.e., never married adults over age 35, or other singles, such as the divorced).

I have only seen them devote one or two programs on singles, and that is in about 12 years of watching this show daily.

And the ONLY reason those two programs were devoted to singleness is because their last lady co-host, Kristi Watts, was single, and their new co-host, Wendy, is also single (and over age 35), and so each lady was responsible for having The 700 Club program air a few shows about and for singles over age 35 (see (Link): this post for instance).

The only other times Robertson addresses the “singles” question on this 700 Club show is to tell singles
-if you want marriage and there are no single guys at your church, then go to a church where there are single guys,
-Robertson tells single women past age 40 that (Link): they are “desperate” for wanting to be married, and
-he (Link):  denies that churches fixate on married couples but ignore singles and singleness.

I’ve said it before on this blog and will say it again: please stop asking Robertson for relationship advice!

The guy is around 84 years old now (literally, I am not making up his age to exaggerate here), and he got married when he was in his 20s. The dude has NO IDEA what it’s like to be single past the age of 35!

He is also a complementarian, which means, 9 times out of 10, he’s going to be sexist in his thinking and views about women, and usually not terribly sympathetic towards single women who are pining for marriage and in regards to other topics.

Video (Aug 1, 2017 date of airing): See the 4.33 mark for the letter from the lady named Marie who writes in about her discouraged single friends -it is the 3rd or 4th letter in the video:

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