Only Couples Allowed? The Need to Celebrate Singleness in the Church. by P. Greer

Only Couples Allowed? The Need to Celebrate Singleness in the Church by P. Greer

A guy I follow on Twitter, and who follows me, named Andrew W. shared this link on his Twitter profile. I see in the comment box that my one-time stalker left a comment on that page.

(Link): Only Couples Allowed? The Need to Celebrate Singleness in the Church.

Excerpts (to see the full list, please click link above to visit the page):

…But I see a different story in Scripture. Jesus chose to remain single. Another bachelor, the apostle Paul said, “I wish that all of you were [single] as I am” (1 Corinthians 7:7).

Paul celebrated singleness and referred to it as a gift.  At the very least, in today’s world, let’s not put so much pressure on singles or only view the world through the “you-have-to-be-married” lens.

To my married friends, here are several dos and don’ts on how to celebrate singleness:

Please don’t …

  • Treat singles as if something’s wrong with them.  In the Church, sometimes we make people feel something’s wrong if you don’t get married within 10 years after graduation. Reject the lie that being a Christian means you have kids and a spouse.

Pretend you understand what it’s like to be single. Yes, you were single once. But being single for a few years doesn’t make you the expert today.

Please do …

  • Celebrate milestones.  “Adult” milestonesbridal showers, bachelor parties, and baby showers—exclude singles. Why not throw a single person a birthday party or celebrate their promotion at work?  Or just find a way to make them feel special and valued?


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