Church Forced Out Woman Who Complained Pastor Regularly Sexually Harassed Her

Church Forced Out Woman Who Complained Pastor Regularly Sexually Harassed Her

As I was sharing with someone on Twitter today, it’s Christian men and Christian churches like this one (mentioned in this story linked to below) that caused me to abandon the “Equally Yoked” doctrine years ago.

(Equally Yoked – Christian belief that a Christian single must only marry another self professing Christian.)

I’m completely serious when I told that person on Twitter I’d rather date a non-perverted atheist than a Christian who sexually harasses women.

Furthermore, look at how the church responded to this woman’s harassment claims – not by protecting and siding with the woman, but by protecting the pervert!

If you are a single Christian woman, churches are not safe places to meet potential mates. Churches are not safe places to get boyfriends or husbands.

I was taught by my Christian parents as I was growing up that I should seek out churches to find dates and a husband, but the older I get, I don’t see churches as being any safer or having better quality men than any other venue.

I would assume that this church is a “gender complementarian” church.

Complementarians often like to bray that they believe women are equal in value to men, just not in role.

Complementarians like to insist that though they teach women cannot have the same rights and roles as men, and that they believe men have “boss like” authority over wives, does not mean that they do not respect women. It’s all a bunch of fake hooey and propaganda.

At the end of the day, look at how complementarians TREAT women, not what they SAY about women: complementarians only feign caring and concern about women and woman’s safety. At the end of the day, complementarians will always throw girls and woman under the bus, especially if it’s to save a man’s career or reputation.

If you are a single Christian (especially a woman or girl), never, ever take dating advice from Christians – because most of them will do things like fire YOU if you complain that a male staffer is harassing you, or, they will tell you to stay married to a man, EVEN IF he is abusing you or you discover he’s looking at child pornography (I have actual examples of all these things on my blog).

(Link):Youth pastor sues Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church over sexual harassment

Dawn Neldon says she was forced to resign after complaining about new pastor’s inappropriate acts

…A former associate pastor at the Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church is suing the church and it’s new pastor Bryan Stamper for sexual harassment and for terminating her after she complained to church administrators.

Dawn Neldon was hired in 2008 to serve as a youth minister. After a number of years working for the Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church, Neldon was promoted to a “minister of missions and serving” position inside the church.

…The story, in addition to his flirtatious behavior, made Neldon uncomfortable. Later at the conference, Stamper addressed Neldon as “honey, baby, and sweetheart.” During the ride home Stamper approached Neldon and compared his body to a “Lamborghini” that “couldn’t be kept in the garage.”

According to the complaint, Stamper’s comments made Neldon uncomfortable.

(Link):  Church Forced Out Woman Who Complained Pastor Asked Her to Take His Lamborghini Body Out of the Garage [Pastor Kept Sexually Harrasing Lady Member]

by S Burris, August 2017

[A woman named Dawn Neldon was working as a church’s youth pastor for ten years. The church, Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church in San Diego, hired a new pastor named Bryan Stamper who began sexually harassing her. After she complained to the church about the harassment, they fired her.]

She also said that their conversations has a “flirtatious” manner about them, the complaint claimed. Stamper would call her “honey, baby and sweetheart” and during the ride home compared his body to a “Lamborghini” that “couldn’t be kept in the garage.”

There were other incidents in which Stamper asked her to dance with him in his first sermon before the entire congregation. He also commented on her clothing.

…She further talked to Stamper about her complaint where he gave a “meager apology” but didn’t stop the behavior.

…After the lawsuit was filed on August 7, Neldon was placed on administrative leave. Days later she was forced to resign.

“Like many of my female clients, Minister Neldon is working in a male-dominated industry that, in many way, is no different than other employers who simply refuse to accept that discrimination is illegal in America,” said Neldon’s attorney Dan Gilleon. “It’s a shame. You’d think a business that claims moral superiority would behave better. …”

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  1. This right here is why Christians are so hated and why the world has literally no respect for us. We sit here and commit sin, and that includes sin that even the world finds disgusting, and then justify it because “we’re Christians! We have the Lord on our side!” NO!!! That’s NOT an excuse! You people who are in this church and helped pushed this poor lady out and others that have this mentality are EXACTLY what’s wrong with Christianity!

    Sorry for the rant, but this story has got me ticked off. This behavior is just disgusting.

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