Married School Teacher Sentenced to Prison For Watching Live Stream of Six Year Old Boy Being Raped

Married School Teacher Sentenced to Prison For Watching Live Stream of Six Year Old Boy Being Raped

(The link to the news article about the pervert is way below my commentary)

I can see that being married did not make this school teacher ethical, moral, or more godly.

I happen to be a conservative. However.

If I see one more op/ed by a Christian pastor or from a conservative think tank whose authors – such as a (Link): Bradford Wilcox – make flimsy arguments on behalf of marriage on grounds such as, marriage supposedly makes people more loving, mature, or responsible, I will punch a hole in the wall.

There is no truth in the claim that marriage makes people better or more productive members of society, or that married persons are superior in any way to single adults.

The Bible itself, as seen in 1 Cor 7, highly esteems singleness. Jesus Christ and Paul were single. The Bible no where says marriage is necessary for godliness, maturity, sanctification, etc.

Over the last three weeks, I have seen many, many news items about married people or parents who were arrested for killing their children, abusing their spouses, or for selling their own kids into sex trafficking, and other terrible things.

I simply do not have the energy to blog about every single such story, though I end up tweeting quite a bit of them.

There was a story a few days ago about a teen (or 20 something) mother who did something like kill her own baby and bury it in the garden in the backyard. I saw another story go through my Twitter today or the other day about a woman who put her baby girl in a trash bag, leaving her to die.

There is absolutely NOTHING inherent in being married or in procreating and making a biological child that causes a person to become more godly, loving, or ethical. I do not have to marry and have a baby to be a wonderful, considerate, loving human being.

And I do wish that my fellow conservatives, who are in a constant state of anti- liberalism and anti- secular feminism, would stop painting this false dichotomy that either one is totally Pro Nuclear Family Worshipper or else one must necessarily be a far left wing liberal who hates babies, hates marriage, and loves abortion!

A person such as myself can be a right winger and respect marriage and the family BUT be opposed to the deification or exalted elevation of motherhood and marriage.

But seriously, I sometimes see one to about a dozen of such stories like the one below every week on Twitter. I don’t have the energy to blog about them all or else I’d never be off this blog.

(Link): Married School Teacher Sentenced to Prison For Watching Live Stream of Six Year Old Boy Being Raped

A married school teacher in England was sentenced to 20 months in prison on Tuesday for watching a live stream of a 6-year-old boy being raped in the United States, BBC News reports. Investigators say 43-year-old Wayne Brookes, of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, was given a 10-digit code to join 45 other pedophiles in an online chat room.

On one occasion, Brookes, who worked as an infant teacher at Westleigh Infant School for 10 years, sat half-naked at his computer watching a live stream of a boy being raped.

Authorities say Brookes would watch videos, one involving a 6-month-old baby, of sexual assault late at night at his home, hiding his secret attraction to children from his partner.

The teacher would use the profile name Bear to access the online chat room, police say.

During an operation by the National Crime Agency, Brookes was caught and arrested at his home, where more than 100 photos and videos of child abuse were discovered. His computer was forfeited, including a USB stick.

Brookes reportedly admitted to officers that he watched a child being raped on a live stream on four occasions.

He pleaded guilty to four counts of making indecent images of children, and he appeared before Judge Martin Picton on Tuesday at the Bristol Crown Court for his sentencing.

…Investigators say another man, William Chandler Augusta, of Pennsylvania, who raped the children and broadcasted the sexual assault on live stream, was arrested in February of this year. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The victims have been identified and the necessary precautions were taken.

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