Formerly Jailed Pedophile Looking for Dates with Women on Dating Site

Formerly Jailed Pedophile Looking for Dates with Women on Dating Site

Disgusting. This is from a UK site. There are several photos of this person on the page linked to below:

(Link): LONELY HEART PAEDO Hulking perv who was caged for sex attacks on schoolgirls is looking for love on Plenty of Fish

August 2017

Kelvyn Jackson tells potential dates he ‘doesn’t want kids’ and describes himself as a ‘teddy bear’

He was caged in 2011 for eight years but has now set up a profile on the popular online dating site after being released from prison.

Jackson calls himself a “teddy bear” and a “coffee snob” and even tells potential dates he is “medically retired” – but fails to mention he is on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

The bald paedo has also uploaded a string of images – including a pouting selfie showing off his beard.

Under it, he jokes: “Not much on top but got my own fur coat lol.”

Jackson, who tells women he doesn’t want kids, says: “42-yr-old man looking for friend/lover/life partner no games no cheats or liars dislike stuck up selfish people just want someone to [love] and be loved to [sic] old for clubbing now lol.

“I enjoy watching sports, eating out, fishing, going for a nice drive, going camping and music especially live. Looking for someone liked minded to make new memories.”

His profile was revealed on the UK Database – a site that tracks the movements of freed pervs.

Jackson, from Bridgend, Wales, tried to kill himself when he realised he would have to face justice for his sickening crimes.


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