Jeff The Married Church Attending Guy Who Likes to Wear Diapers and Be an Adult Baby

Jeff The Married Church Attending Guy Who Likes to Wear Diapers and Be an Adult Baby

Because you may think I am making this up (I can assure you I am not), there is a video below in this post from a clip of this episode.

I don’t hardly ever watch the TV show “Cheaters,” but I was up really early a few mornings ago and watched the last 5 – 10 minutes of one episode.

The husband in the episode (I believe his name was Jeff) was sneaking around with another woman behind his wife’s back. The “Cheaters” TV show crew caught him in bed with another woman, and he was wearing a diaper.

His wife, Susan, came in to the motel room, confronted the “mistress” (or whatever she was) and started screaming at Jeff her husband.

Jeff claimed there was nothing sexual going on, it was only about him pretending to be an adult baby.

One of the TV show crew asked Jeff why he couldn’t just tell his wife about this fantasy of his about being an adult baby rather than just sneak around behind her back, and he said something like, “You just don’t understand, I can’t! We are church people! We go to church!”

At another point in the show, the wife yelled, “You stopped going to church a few weeks ago…”

That brings me to this point: a lot of Christians tell single, adult Christians who would like to marry that-

  1. You are still single in spite of trusting God for a spouse because you’re too bad or too immature (or too ugly, too dumb, too whatever) to deserve or merit a spouse, and God is forcing you to improve yourself before he’ll send you a spouse.
  2. and, Christians will tell single Christians it is sinful for them to marry a Non-Christian (the equally yoked rule)

In light of stories such as this one, where we have an adult, married man meeting another woman at a motel behind his wife’s back so he can pretend to be an “adult baby” tells you that no, God is not requiring anyone to clean up their own lives, be more mature (be more whatever – more smart, more pretty, more thin, more X, Y, Z) to “earn” a spouse…,

And, this story also tells you that…

This adult, middle aged man (or is he a 20 something?) wearing a diaper and sneaking around behind his wife’s back goes to show you that just because a man is a Christian and attends a church regularly (or used to), does not mean he is a quality life partner. It makes the Equally Yoked rule look totally foolish and unnecessary.

Even if this guy is truthful and there was nothing sexual about his Adult Baby play- acting, I personally would be weirded- out and too disgusted to stay married to a man if I found out he was fantasizing about being a baby, seeing other women behind my back to indulge this fantasy, and wearing a diaper.

I would rather marry a normal, sane Non-Christian man who is not going to do weird things such as wear a diaper and pretend to be a baby, than marry a self professing, church-going man who wears diapers and wants to pretend he is an infant.

Diaper Cheater video on You Tube

You Tube: Jeff the Diaper Wearing Adult Baby Husband


3 thoughts on “Jeff The Married Church Attending Guy Who Likes to Wear Diapers and Be an Adult Baby”

  1. I doubt Jeff’s wife knew about his diaper fetish when they married. A lot of atheists/agnostics also deceive women they marry. If a guy says, “Hey, I’m an atheist,” it does not always follow that he is honest, healthy and mature.

    H.G. Wells had a rotten marriage. Hugh Hefner didn’t practice the faith.

    Being an atheist will not make a person holy. A lot of hypocrites and pervs outside the church too!

    1. Response to Rachel N.
      In my way of looking at this story, it doesn’t really matter if the wife knew prior or not.

      The guy was a church-going Christian dude, and according to most Christians I grew up listening to, THAT trait alone was enough to reassure her that he’d be a “stand up,” quality catch – anything but a diaper-wearing weirdo, LOL.

      Yes, I’ve mentioned on a small number of posts over the years here that I am not saying that all atheists all the time are great, upstanding guys.

      Some atheist men are abusive, immature, or weird. I just don’t mention that qualifier in each and every post I make on these issues (I don’t feel I should have to).

      I am mainly pointing out often on this blog that I am tired of the Christian insistence that Christian women should marry ONLY Christian men (equally yoked rule), when that is one reason of several that kept me single this long in life, and…
      The equally yoked rule is impractical and makes no sense – I have one thread on this blog with a billion examples of “godly, Christian” men who have been reported in the media, or arrested for, child rape, beating their wives, etc.

      All of which is why I tell Christian women, please get rid of “equally yoked” in your dating rules, as you’re better off marrying any man who treats you nice, regardless of his religious stance.
      You’re better off marrying a kind-hearted, nice atheist man than marrying a guy who believes in Jesus, prays every day, reads the Bible, goes to church AND who beats you up, verbally abuses you, or looks at child porn.

      My motto as of late is, I’d rather date a kind-hearted, decent, loving atheist man than an adulterous, perverted, or abusive bible- believing Jesus follower.

      I’m not sure if I’m a Christian anymore or not myself, so I find a lot of Christian rules don’t really apply to me so much.

      But. I’m just sick of churches pulling this “equally yoked” stuff on women who are still totally Christian who’d like to marry.

      Waiting and trusting God to send me a “Christian Mr. Right” did not work for me.

      I was taught by Baptists that Roman Catholic men are not “real Christians.” Well, I had the chance to date or marry men previously, but some of them were Roman Catholics.
      If not for “equally yoked,” I coulda been married (to a Catholic guy).

      And I deplore “Pie In the Sky” theology.
      This is when Christians will tell me things like,
      “Oh, so you’ve not married on this earth, but Jesus will reward you in heaven for being celibate so long and holding out for a Christian guy.”
      I don’t give a crap any more about bringing “Glory to God” or being rewarded in the afterlife for being single and chaste now – I want help in the “here and now.”

      1. Been there. Done that. You’re not the only blogger in her 40’s who’s still single and has given up on “Christian” Mr. Right. I can see where you are coming from, but made a different decision. You have your own difficult decision to make. In many ways what I have chosen is tougher than just “getting some” and leaving church or ignoring this particular teaching.

        I would have married a Catholic if it had worked out. Nice guy. More morally upright and Biblically literate than a lot of Protestants.

        Ironically you may be more welcome in churches as someone’s wife–even if he’s not a believer. You can drag him in on Christmas and Easter and talk about “my husband” all the time so they’ll treat you with full matron status. An older lady in my church acted shocked when I broke up with a nice bachelor because he wasn’t a Christian. Conservative church too!

        It’s easy to see you’re in a lot of pain. I’ll be praying for you, CP.

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