What the Sh-t Happened to Dating? By S. Biddall

What the Sh-t Happened to Dating? By S. Biddall

When I tried online dating for the first time around 2002 or 2003, it was pretty bad back then – many men were impatient and rude.

If you didn’t answer their private “hello” messages or flirts or whatever instantly, they would start calling you a bitch and so forth very quickly. This is not a recent phenomenon.

(Link): What the Sh-t Happened to Dating? By S. Biddall


I can’t be certain, but I think dating is broken.

After a messy breakup, I found myself single for the first time in 2.5 years. I’m no stranger to dating apps (I met my last 3 partners on there, for realsies) so having a swipe through Tinder seemed only natural. I’d always been an advocate of dating apps.

Every time someone would complain about being single I’d reply – probably quite smugly – that they need to get on Tinder.

And every time I was met with an eye roll and a diatribe about how ‘awful’ they were and how many ‘weirdos’ were on there.

I sympathised, I did. But in reality I’d had a pretty drama-free overall experience with dating apps.

No dick pics, no catfishing, no ghosting. My experience with dating generally involved a couple of weeks of messages, then a series of successful dates which naturally turned into relationships.

Needless to say, my dalliance with dating this time around has been a little different. I don’t think I can necessarily blame all this on the demise of dating apps.

I may have just been luckier back then. But something I’ve noticed since I’ve become single is how disposable people seem to think others are. That feels like a recent shift.

…And it’s not just ghosting that’s an issue. More than ever I’ve noticed that people have more of a blase attitude about cheating.

I spent an entire evening kissing and chatting to one guy, only for him to turn around at midnight and say he had a long-term girlfriend.

A GIRLFRIEND THAT HE LIVED WITH. Like a big cheating Cinderella.

Look, I’m not saying cheating or acting like a general d*ckhead is new. But does anyone else get the distinct impression that it’s become more… prevalent?

Maybe I’ve been totally naive and dating has always been a sh*tshow, but I’m not convinced.

Where has common decency gone? What happened to manners?

I’ve dipped my toe in the dating pool to see what’s out there and have some drinks with attractive and interesting men. What I’ve found – with few exceptions – is a desolate wasteland of inappropriate messages and ghosting.

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