Why Indulging Your Darkest Desires With A Sex Doll Will Not Protect Anyone, Including Yourself by L. Emmons

 Why Indulging Your Darkest Desires With A Sex Doll Will Not Protect Anyone, Including Yourself by L. Emmons

(Link): Why Indulging Your Darkest Desires With A Sex Doll Will Not Protect Anyone, Including Yourself


… The argument against is that normalizing these behaviors in the mind could lead to men seeing this as normal behavior in their everyday lives. It’s possible that to engage in the fantasy is to bend the barriers toward engaging in the reality.

Aimee van Wynsberghe, from the Foundation on Responsible Robotics, believes we have to think about the power technology has to “reinforce different norms, habits, routines, and values,” and that sex dolls can change the idea of what sex is.

In a June 5 interview with the BBC, van Wynsberghe argues that using sex robots creates a situation where sex does not require dual consent.

Relativists who favor today’s sex-positive and enthusiastic consent sexual ideologies should note the emergence of a new norm that denies the very relevance of the consensual sexual enterprise.

Unleashing Our Darkest Desires Hurts Us, Also

These two perspectives, that a) sex with sex dolls prevents harm to women and children, and b) sex with sex dolls could lead to harm to women and children, leave out one very important actor. That’s right, the purchaser, the John. Fantasy fetish play about raping women or children does cause harm: to the guy allowing his desires to dip into the realm of the seriously sadistic.

…Our taboo-free culture, with permissive values and indulgent worldviews, would have us believe that indulging in these deepest, darkest desires and giving them play in the sun is the way to enlightenment through a realized identity.

Pedophiles have been more vocal over the past few years, and those voices have been amplified in opinion pieces, podcasts, and radio interviews. Without damning the man for his dark desires, can we not hold him accountable for his own lusts, and offer guidance on how to rid himself of these hungers?

Your Mind Is Your Own

How often we forget that our minds are our own. We alone are in charge of what we allow to take shape and play there. It is our responsibility to try our hardest to be the best version of ourselves that we can.

What does that mean? It does not mean to smile and act nice in public while harboring the worst imaginings of mankind in our hearts. It does not mean to treat our wives and children kindly while planning to live out a rape fantasy on a sex proxy.

A man cannot act morally, responsibly, and courageously while violent secret daydreams roam free in his mind. That which we keep hidden will emerge and overtake us, and the cost of living a life in accordance with the golden rule is constant vigilance.

Remainder of that editorial is here

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